Jonathan Humble

Jonathan Humble has worked as a painter in a corrugated cardboard factory, lettuce picker for East Coast Salads and mechanical engineer in the power industry. He is currently masquerading as a deputy head teacher in a rural Cumbrian school. His poetry and short stories have appeared in a number of publications in print and online including The Caterpillar, Eye Flash, Riggwelter, Ink Sweat & Tears, Obsessed With Pipework, Blue Nib, Three Drops Press, Picaroon, Atrium, Amaryllis, Burning House and Barren Magazine. He does not own a whippet, but likes poppies, fireweed and hawkbit, and pronounces “scone” in a way that rhymes with “phone”. He is still the poet laureate for the Tripe Marketing Board and Rossendale Sunday Morning Clog Market.

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