Be Careful What You Ask For. John Patrick Robbins


Be Careful What You Ask For

She wanted the act not the person behind it.
I drank.
I was far from the madman she expected or the insanity she seemed to desire. 

And when she questioned the reality eventually I knew it was just a matter of time.

For she wanted something to fear and reject.
A truth to all those rumors a souvenir from the wreckage.

Everyone loves the rollercoaster because it takes you on an insane view of death with a hint of danger and still you’re safe and strapped in.

She spent her nights with me wanting the bullshit.
I decided to go on a good bender and let those demons loose.

It’s been so very peaceful without her around. 

Guess she caught a glimpse of something she didn’t like.

Truth and a razors edge will always set you free.

John Patrick Robbins is editor of The Rye Whiskey Review 

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