Jade Riordan- Poetry


: one foot forward, antler velvet
of callouses. Again, step forward,
tree bark papering the tongue
and prospective words like panning
for gold. O fogged apocalypse 
exhale, fogged crystal ball breath.
O praise the habit of winter,
of shiver and thaw. Praise the belief
in changes to come.


, in dew-soaked thoughts & dawn
-spun patience, I silhouette the echo 
of yesterday against this tired sky. 
Nightly now, I practice the quiet guess
-work of disappointment, the slender
-poising of disappearance. Saintly now, 
the clouds’ flight of snow obscures 
& un-stars the view. Blue again, I 
cauterize the horizon with the rising
warmth of patience. I think myself
a small forgotten … birth, a dream
fastened only to the eyelids, a sunshot
rain speaking over its own echo. Kindly,
carefully, slowly, truly now, I practice joy:
I silhouette the scarce-wakened loveliness 
of today against the wild hyacinth grow
-th of this (tired, tender) self. 

The title of this poem and words in italics are quotations from the poem “In Memory” by Robin Hyde (1906-1939).

About the contributor

Jade Riordan is an Irish-Canadian poet, an undergraduate student, and a selection committee member (poetry reader) with Bywords. Her poetry has appeared in Contemporary Verse 2; Cordite Poetry Review; The Malahat Review; Yes, Poetry; and elsewhere.

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