The Blue Nib

Issue: Issue 5 10th July 2017

Featured Poet Therese Kieran

Therese Kieran lives in Belfast. She enjoys writing poetry.  In 2016, with Arts Council funding for the Death Box project, she conceived and curated an exhibition of poetry and prose that included contributions from 25 writers. As part of this project, she and project partner, Lucy Beevor, hosted Northern Ireland’s first Death Café. In October …

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Poetry 1

A Book by Colin Dardis . It is yellowed, a sign of either affection or neglect, but not worn, fingered through with dog ears and tears; a picture will not wear from having eyes laid upon it. The poems are slow, spoken in the tongue of maturity where the pace is deliberate, a meander of …

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Poetry 2

When things will get better by Zebra Black . things will get better when my arthritis abates when im better looking when im smarter when im taller with better bones when my hair grows back nice and wavy when i lose thirty ponds of fat when im filthy rich when my eyes are bluer when …

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Poetry 3

blue is the magic number by Joseph Powell . though I’m not one to adhere to, or be defined by, labels; nor inclined to be fitted into certain parameters; if you were to press me, or choose to dig down, to my very essence, to the core of who I am– you would find that …

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Poetry 4

Hail by Ashleigh Walker . Behind the safety of a cracked window,  I drink in the black-out storm. Dad yells at the new car huddled under the old oak and mother softly reminds him the garage is full. She shadows him, lighting candles in his flickering wake. With the hiss of a new match, our …

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My Road Map to Writing a Poem

By Dave Kavanagh People write poetry for all sorts of reasons, I will often write a poem to record an event in my own life, a meeting with a friend, a particularly moving event, a sight that inspired me. Sometimes these poems are a way of recording these deeply personal experiences and are not written …

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