Issue 38 June 15, 2019

Eclectic Voices -Selected by Michael Griffith

    Recompence by Chris Ernest Nelson I pay for your night with my own darkness. I atone for your suffering with suffering of my own. As you cower in terror of your fate, I hold my peace and tremble at my own approaching doom. I feel your loneliness from my own isolation. I bear …

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Poetry by Will Reger

Moving Delusion and other poems

Aubade: Debris I wake up to a morning of debris– socks on the floor, stacks of books I never read, except to taste here and there like a bee tonguing a cellophane wrapper, papers scribbled with words pricked by an ink pen into the wood fibers, wadded bookstore receipts, change thrown out of pocket, the …

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Diarmuid Fitzgerald

Diarmuid Fitzgerald – Poetry

Diarmuid Fitzgerald was born in 1977 in Co. Mayo, Ireland. He grew up in Co. Cork and currently live in Dublin. He works as a school teacher and is a poet and prose writer. Thames Way was his first collection of haiku poems and it was published in 2015 by Alba Publishing

Review: The Time Traveller’s Picnic by Fiona Sinclair

The Time Traveller’s Picnic Fiona Sinclair Dempsey & Windle  ISBN: 978-1-907435-83-6, 112pp, unpriced Fiona Sinclair’s poems feel as if you’ve sat down in a crowded, friendly cafe and can’t help but listen in on the conversation at the next table. They are chatty and welcoming, but not frivolous. The poems cover a childhood with parental …

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Home Economics

Beth stared at them from the doorway. Jessie had spotted them from inside and sent Beth out to see. Outside, the two rabbits were on their backs with only their heads and tails intact, the rest of them bitten back and hauled away. Behind her, Jessie clattered at dishes in the kitchen, talking, though Beth …

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Red Streamers

Red Streamers, by Paul Sutherland- reviewed by Richard Lance Keeble

With his latest collection, Paul Sutherland confirms his status as one of Britain’s most important and original poets. It comprises a sequence of 124 very short, intense, delicately crafted, haiku-like stanzas: one with two lines followed by a three liner – and so on.

Poets and writers in issue 38

Dick Edelstien reviews- Empire by Mary O’Donnell

Empire by Mary O’Donnell, Arlen House 2018, 200 pp, €15, ISBN 978-1-85132-175-9 A number of books recently published in Ireland relate to the centenaries of the First World War and the fight for Irish independence. Apart from being a good excuse to sell books, the conjuncture affords a timely opportunity for reflection and for delving …

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The Woman With The Owl Tattoo

Review: The Woman With An Owl Tattoo

The Woman with an Owl Tattoo by Anne Walsh Donnelly Paperback -– US retail: $8.99 Kindle — US retail $5.21 Publisher: Fly on the Wall Poetry (May 30, 2019) ISBN-10: 1999598644 ISBN-13: 978-1999598648 You should buy and read this important first book by Ireland’s most talented new poet. Period. Move along; nothing more need be …

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River Hoard by Neil Leadbeater

Review: River Hoard by Neil Leadbeater

Cyberwit Press ISBN 9789386653420 “River Hoard by Neil Leadbeater” is split into three parts, “Nights we Tricked the Corncrake”, “Fen Country” and “Objects at Upper Ludstone” plus a sequence “North Aral Sea”. As the titles suggest, it is mostly concerned with nature and human interaction with it. The title poem of the first part has …

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Hero’s Welcome

It was the summer of 1990 and we all had new heroes: O’Leary, Bonner and Houghton. Mind you, Houghton had earned himself a head start in Stuttgart two years earlier. For the homecoming, we roped relatives, neighbours or anyone alive and able, to bring us into O’Connell Street to cheer on Jack’s Army. Town was …

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Teresa Sweeney

Some Young One

‘I don’t want to go out, you know,’ Louise said as she ran the straighteners through her long blonde hair. Siobhan didn’t answer her. Instead she poured the last drop of wine into the glass. Putting more bronzer on her face, Louise sighed. ‘Right. Let’s go then if we have to.’ It was Friday evening …

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Remembrance – A Review

Remembrance is a form of honour. We remember because we love.  The more we cherish a memory, the stronger it becomes. Last year I washed up in Swale to see a Yorkshire inspired, Lancastrian poet currently residing in Medway, who uses every natural element, light and shade, sound and stillness, lingering within those diverse spaces, …

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