Issue 37 March 15, 2019

Mary Wight- New Poetry

Mary Wight lives and writes in the Scottish Borders. Her poems have appeared in various magazines. _______________   SIGHTSEEING Bellies sweet with prawns and Guinness, they dawdled back along the strand needing nothing more. A sea trout, eyes gone, body gleaming still, lay as if waiting for a wave to swim it back. She took a photograph …

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Poetry- by Fiona Perry.

  Post navigation Distillation Now I have the puddle Wax of a thousand Blessed candles burnt In a kitchen shrine Your last upright Embrace cushioning me Comforts to conjure No more sinewy Morphine cries or Muted transmissions Of constant sorrow Just essence Of the thing Crystalline like the Scent of jasmine Tea buds unfurling Water-wakened …

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Iain Twiddy- Poetry

Iain Twiddy studied literature at university and lived for several years in northern Japan. His poems have been published in The Poetry Review, Poetry Ireland Review, The London Magazine and elsewhere. ________________   PRACTICE RUN  I’m looking through a cold bedroom window hedgehogged with condensation at a rose bush pricked with autumn frost, though still …

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Poetry from Sandra Horn

Sandra Horn is a writer based in Southampton. She has had poems published in Artemis and Magma magazines and in several anthologies: Lines in the Sand, Write to be Counted, Dancing in the Chequered Shade, the Emma Press Book of Age, the Writers’ Cafe and Some Cannot Be Caught: the Emma Press book of Beasts._____________

Emma Lee reviews Lady Jesus and Other Poems.

Lady Jesus and Other Poems Arathy Asok (Authorspress, www.authorspressbooks.com ISBN 978-93-88332-19-4, 70pp, 175 Rupees/$14) “Lady Jesus and other poems” is a collection of contemporary, unflinching poems that don’t back away from politics or patriarchy. In “They Ask me Questions I will not Answer”,  “They looked to see What crowds were being formed, That thought of …

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Poetry- David Susswein

Biography I am a writer from the South of England, right at the bottom. I have tried all my life to write well, to communicate, to talk to others;I cannot understand any other reason to write.Envoi, DreamCatcher, Picaroon Poetry, ShotGlass Journal, Tuck Magazine, Dissident Voice,an anthology in Farsi/English ‘Where Are You From?’  and others have heard my …

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Poetry- Kate Ennals

An Invitation Come, Father, let’s wander London’s dark skies, sit by the river, watch dusk silt and slide, salute and swirl a glass of ruby red wine. Let’s toast civilisation, Forge radical ideas, unravel politics, range our voices across continents. Discuss Truth and Justice. I need your advice on The growth of greed and corruption, …

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Poetry- Clare Morris

A LEICESTER TRIPTYCH The Change:  2.15pm, 15/3/2018, Leicester Royal Infirmary And so you sat down next to her bed, With the bag of toiletries and magazines, your habitual offerings, (the ones now in the bottom drawer that burn your fingers to touch them) And she whispered with conspiratorial mischief about the matriarch opposite And you …

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Parallel Lines

We were stuck. Stuck in our marriage, stuck in our lives, stuck in this fucking car. ‘How could you be so stupid?’ he said. Five minutes from the main road and the next petrol station. Ten minutes from the overflowing pumps we had just driven past, and I’d run out of petrol. ‘It was too …

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Poets and Writers


strike The farmers held Dead rats in their mouths, Wearing green loin clothes Hiding what is left of their pride. They sit in the capital city Waiting for some eyes to open, They sit for days Unblinking at the cold. Far away in distant lands Their crops have withered in the heat. Their children look …

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Leela Soma- New Poetry

Leela Soma came to Glasgow in 1969 with her husband.  She worked, until her retirement, as a teacher of Modern Studies. During this time she took up creative writing under the tutelage of Laura Marney. She followed this with Creative Writing Classes in the Department of Adult and Continuing Education at the University of Glasgow. _______________   Mother …

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New Poetry -Roy Liran.

Beached boats at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer He divides the canvas in unequal halves of equal size, a bladed horizon for skies and earth, for man and woman, rich and poor, birds and poets. The easel shifts on the burning sand, reacting to the brushes and to the knife’s applied pressure, causing lines to wobble, planes to interact. …

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dream of stones

Emma Lee reviews Christine Valters Paintner’s – Dreaming of Stones

Christine Valters Paintner’s “Dreaming of Stones” Paraclete Press www.paracletepress.com ISBN: 9781640601086 96pp $18 “Dreaming of Stones” is split into six sections, Hours, The Time of Our Lives, Possibilities, Wild Places, Love and Monks and Mystics, and comes with an introduction and afterword by the author. There are 108 pages of poems and each feels like …

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The Burden – Essay

    The Burden – The Gardener by Rudyard Kipling. By Mike Smith Several critics of Kipling mention this story. It comes in the 1926 Debits and Credits collection, late in the sequence of short story publications. Written in the shadow of ‘The Great War’, it stands comparison with the earlier, and perhaps more controversial …

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Aspiring to a watery heroism – Essay by Nigel Jarrett

Nigel Jarrett is a former newspaperman and a double prizewinner as a fiction writer: the Rhys Davies Award for short fiction and, in 2016, the inaugural Templar Shorts award. His first story collection, Funderland, published by Parthian, was praised by the Guardian, the Independent, the Times and many others, and was longlisted for the Edge Hill Prize. …

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White Ink- Fiction

Yet another pretentious arsehole spouting off about aesthetic theories. What is he looking for? To see how long he can shitetalk before sand falls out from between my legs? In some gaff. Four a.m. Fag ash falling all around. Burning into the carpet. Empty cans crushed. Stacked into teetering pyramids. Voices colliding. Fights starting. Techno …

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Review- case of mis en abyme by Carla Scarano D’Antonio

Carla Scarano D’Antonio moved to England (Lancashire then Surrey) in 2007 from Rome (Italy) and started attending creative writing courses. She obtained a Degree of Master of Arts in Creative Writing with Merit at Lancaster University in October 2012. Her work was published in Shipwrights (an online Swedish Review), Purple Patch, First Edition magazine, Northern …

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