Andrea Potos

Poetry- Andrea Potos

My Uncle and the Undertakers They try so hard, the work that none of us would do–the embalming, casketing, the cossetting; and the person dressed […]

Poetry- Bernie Crawford

House Work Since January stole my tongue and tied itinto knots, the house has become a blank verse.My hands repeat a cleaning rhyme in every […]


Buy it now “Bloodline” Michael A Griffith Michael A Griffith’s poems often start with a simple observation and then take that idea or image for […]

Weightless in the Nets

Buy it “Weightless in the Nets” Roy Liran (Blue Nib) The poems in “Weightless in the Nets” are probing observations that explore and ask questions […]


Poetry- Marcy Clarke

SUET, SUNFLOWERS AND HAY Winter is at our gateand a dozen crows, like trespassing bandits,raid our slumbering garden The sun is a hard shadow bleaching […]

No Picture

Poetry- Dana St Mary

the flag keeper he walks slowly to the placewith that solemnitythat cadavers bring, andleans the heavy ladderon the mast-like pole. a tilted head andgooseflesh showthat […]


Poetry- Lucy Mackarel

In Memorial  I have never been to a funeral,I have, however mourned a body.In a room with brown walls and a window to the road.It […]


Poetry- Nadia Wolnisty

On “Self-Portrait” by Kay Sage To be a woman is like this now.Scrub it off as if it were a stain—all traces of your face.Use […]


Poetry- Bob Beagrie

Chiromancy ‘The great Sage as high as Heaven visited here.’Wu Cheng’en – Journey to the West, 1592 High staggered moorland crossroadstoo few trees, the big […]


Poetry- Deborah Harvey

Understorey Your father in his fawn windcheaternames the song of each bird we hearpoints out fox holes and fungi,pulls to one side an elder branchexplains […]


Poetry- Caron Freeborn

Red plums I bit into the unnoted plum, expecting sharpdisappointment or at best, tolerablenear-sweetness.  My thumbleft an indent which gave me some hope –bruised fruit […]


Poetry- Maxine Rose Munro

About the writer Maxine Rose Munro is a Shetlander adrift on the outskirts of Glasgow. After spending the first eighteen years of her life exclusively […]


Poetry- by Mike Griffith

Your funeral is on Friday. Today is the heart attack. Yesterday was the two meetings, dinnerwith Tony and Kat, then bed withthe wife (while thinking […]


Poetry- Anne McMaster

Lost and Foundinspired by Robert MacFarlane’s The Lost Words You might think we lose these wordsas one may, casually, lose a small cool coinbehind the […]


Poetry- Melissa Mulvihill

Fata Morgana I am lost on the Lake deliberately at sea tossing about in moody waves raging in storms of fictive selves struggling for a […]


Poetry- Mark Tarren

In Memoriam Here lies his naked body, like a baroque Christ. Long pale arms at his side, it is not Shakespeare’s Adonis. Nor is it […]


Poetry- Pauline Flynn

About the writer Pauline Flynn is a Visual Artist/Poet. She lives in a small village in West Wicklow. She has an MA in Creative Writing […]


Poetry- Cathy Bryant

Unasked, He Teaches Me Photography Keep your horizons level, he says.And not in the middle. Upper thirdor lower.But I don’t want a postcard, nor art.I […]


Poetry- Susan Castillo Street

TEST MATCH We watch the cricket.Clueless American, British man.Tomay-to Tomah-to doesn’t even come close.I blink at the screen, hesitatebut think, what the heck, asksorry, but, […]


Poetry- Harold Ackerman

Three Poems Starting with ‘W’ Written on a Torn Package for Eric and Chris That time I stepped to the blackboardto draw a shape with […]


Poetry- Jean Taylor

About the writer Jean Taylor belongs to Words on Canvas – a group of writers who work in collaboration with the National Galleries of Scotland. […]


Poetry- Kieran Egan

About the writer Kieran Egan lives in Vancouver. He was shortlisted for the Times Literary Supplement (UK) Mick Imlah prize in 2017, and his poems […]


Emma Lee Reviews Bind by Christine Murray SB

Bind Christine Murray Turas Press ISBN: 978-0-9957916-4-0, 72pp, €12 Christine Murray uses minimal, impressionistic language to convey images from the natural world.  bind is split into sections, […]


Poetry- Megan Stratford

buriedshe’s just where you said i’d find herhalf-way buriedunderneath the pendulous trapezeto hang off of on afternoons that couldn’t move days likethis one when i […]


Poetry – John Short

AQUARIUM I dreamed of an aquarium fixed into my back a miniature box with tetras and an angel fish, its glass sunk deep instead of […]


Poetry- Carla Scarano D’Antonio

Sailing North We left with cherry trees blossoming,people arranging polished hornsin a window.Opposite to southVegetation grew rusty,gold, scarlet redsilver grey, brown.Inhaling thro,branches torn barefrozen. North:thorn, […]

Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon

Poetry- Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon

The Skater at the local rinkher skates cut trailsfingernails scratch wooden handrailsshe clings on for dear life.out in the woodsa lakemute swans skitter on floesmis-footed […]