Issue 43 September 2020

Edited by Dave Kavanagh

Abhaile: Poetry from Ireland and the UK
with Tracy Gaughan

Editorial 1
Poetry by George Szirtes 3
Poetry by Mark Roper 7
Poetry by Eleanor Hooker 11
Poetry by Luke Kennard 17

North America Time: Poetry from the USA and Canada
with Felicia McCarthy

Editorial 22
Poetry by Mary Oishi, 24
Poetry by Carolyn Martin 25
Poetry by Adina Dabija 27
Poetry by Jeff Santosuosso 30
Poetry by Pui Ying Wong 32

The Write Life: with Clare Morris

A Writerly Alchemy 37
Michael Morpurgo in conversation with Clare Morris. 40
Alchemy of Word: Sophia by Kouidou-Giles 63
Tsundoku and the Art of Infinite Reading by Michael Paul Hogan 65
Questions and Answers by Kevin Kling 69
Alchemical salad by Dominic Fisher 71

International Poets & Poetry in Translation: with Clara Burghelea

Editorial 75
Poetry by Cătălina Florina Florescu 77
Poetry by Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews 81
Poetry by Margot Saffer 83
Poetry by Viviana Fiorentino: 86

The Critical Nib: with Emma Lee

Editorial 89
Black Rain Falling, Jacob Ross, 90
Bhanu Kapil’s How to Wash a Heart 93
Nathaneal O’Reilly’s (Un)Belonging  97

Seanachaí, Short Fiction:
with Dave Kavanagh

Haus des Meeres by Antony Osgood 101
Carousel by Helen Campbell 111
The Jumpers by Delia Pring 117

An Astráil:
Poetry from Australia and New Zealand with Denise O’Hagan

Editorial 132
Featured Poet Peter Boyle 134
Poetry by Kate McNamara 137
Poetry by Davide Angelo 140
Poetry by Julie MacLean 143