Issue 42 July 2020

Edited by Dave Kavanagh

Abhaile with Tracy Gaughan

Poetry by Mantz York
Poetry by Byron Beynon
Poetry By Chaucer Cameron
Poetry by Pippa Little
Poetry by Fred Johnston
Poetry by Oz Hardwick
Poetry by Margaret Royall
Poetry by Siobhan Logan
Poetry by Nick Browne
Poetry by Marjory Woodfield

The Write Life With Clare Morris

Jesus in the Tree By Diana Powell
So Near, So Far by Mike Smith
Dancing With Carol by Brendan Landers
The Other Side Of Exhale by Jennifer Watts

North American Time with Felicia McCarthy
Poetry By Kim Ports Parsons
Poetry By Scott Waters
Poetry By Allan Johnston
Poetry by Glen Sorestad
Poetry by Sandra Fees
Poetry by Eamonn Wall
Poetry by Laura Grace Weldon
Poetry by Tim Suermondt
Poetry by Marguerite Harrold
Poetry By Sandra Yannone 1

Translation Po-Int with Clara Burghelea

Poetry by Marko Pogačar translated by Andrea Jurjević
My Homeland Soldier by Mohammad Reza, Translated
Poetry by Traian T. Coșovei, translated
Anna Azabo T. poems in translation
Poetry by Leopoldo Panero in translation
Poetry by Diana Geacăr
Two poems from The Abduction by Maram Al-Masri translated by Hélène Cardona
Poetry by Andreea Iulia Scridon
Poetry by Rose Mary Boehm
Poetry by Wang Ping

An Astráil with Denise O’Hagan

Poetry by Jennifer Crompton
Poetry by Anita Patel
Poety By Angela Costi
Poetry by Penelope Layland
Poetry by Justin Lowe
Poetry by Anne Elvey
Poetry by Marion Pym Schaare
Poetry by Peter Mitchell
Poetry by Philip Radmall
Poetry by Rachael Mead

Seanchaí New Fiction

Postscript by Dorothy Simmons
Selfhood by Declan Toohey
Not Long Now by Jane Pearn
The Purple Skirt by Jennifer Horgan
Goldcrests By Sandra Hunter

The Critical Nib with Emma Lee

‘Homie’ Danez Smith
‘A Roman Death’ Joan O’Hagan
A Thousand Moons, by Sebastian Barry
‘Sometimes a Single Leaf’ Esther Dischereit

Essay by Eammon Wall
When I Step Through the Door Reading Joanne Kyger