Order Issue 41 of The Blue Nib, out April 15th 2020

Issue 41 of The Blue Nib

Issue 41 of The Blue Nib.

Issue 41 — release date April 15 2020.

Published by The Blue Nib

194 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-9161545-7-5 

Price €14.50

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This issue of The Blue Nib contains work from 60+ contributors

Featured Authors & Poets

New writing and interviews with
Audrey Molloy
Amy Barry
Edvin Subašić
Anne Tannam
Nicola Harrison
J.J. Steinfeld
Melanie Hyo-In Han
Rose Mary Boehm
Kieran Devaney.


Simona Nastac
Rachel Burns
Becky Kingsnorth
Tony Curtis
Bob Beagrie
David Ishaya Osu
Efe Ogufere
Lynn Valentine
Özgecan Kesici
Attracta Fahy
Deirdre McKernan Crosby
Leonie Charlton
Matt Mooney
Anne McDonald
Francis O’Hare
Kevin Griffin
Sheree La Puma
Marybeth Rua-Larsen
Julie Weiss
Kathleen Holliday
Halsey Hyer
Featured Poet Melanie Hyo-In Han
Matt Hohner

Mary Beth Hines
Hilary Sideris
Beatrice Szymkowiak
Julia Kaylock
Harold Legaspi
Sarah Jane Justice
Gayelene Carbis
Gareth S. Jenkins
James Walton
Robert Verdon
Linda Collins
Anna Lind
Fotoula Reynolds
Tony deLorger
Gabi Reigh
Jane Frank
Adèle Ogiér Jones
Michael J Leach
Tracie Lark
E A Gleeson
Marilyn Humbert
Paul Scully

Poetry In Translation

Four Poems by Franca Mancinelli, translated by John Taylor
Emma Lee Reviews At an Hours Sleep from Here by Franca Mancinelli, translated by John Taylor
Sabine Huynh translates poetry by Valérie Rouzeau

Short Fiction

Every Thought Flies by K.P. Taylor
Luna Moth by M.E. Proctor
A Migrant Story by Eugen Bacon
The Go Aways by Marlon Martinez

Reviews curated by Emma Lee

Flèche Mary Jean Chan
Claiming T-Mo by Eugen Bacon
Tigress by Jessica Mookherjee
Memory Forest by Gaynor Kane 



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