Issue 40 December 2019

Edited By Dave Kavanagh

Short Fiction

Paris Vagrant By Michael Paul Hogan
The Duck, a story in five parts by Reyna Marder Gentin
Blood by Brian Kirk
My Uncle In The Ospital by Rosemary McLeish


Twice Exiled by Greg Michaelson
Personal Banking by Linda C. Wisniewski 
An Exploration of the Rise and Fall of Alt-Lit by Ada Wofford
Where does poetic inspiration come from? by Denise O’Hagan
On bilingualism, innate hybridity and loss by Clara Burghelea

Poetry Selected by Clara Burghelea
Michelle Bermudez
Enough already
Emily Bilman
Jill Neimark
Featured Poet, Elliott Freeman
Jodie Hannis
Paige Elizabeth Wajda
Jake Charles Hawkey
Sandy Green
Jennifer Crompton
Diana Manole
Mary Mulholland
James Finnegan
Lucy Dixcart
Fiona Pitt-Kethley
Simeon Dumdum Jr
Colin Pink
Kymm Coveney
Ben Verinder
Hibah Shabkhez
Clare Morris
Glenn Hubbard
Andrea Potos
Alina Stefanescu

Featured Poets and Writers

Mittens for Nasma by Tracy Gaughan
Poetry by Tracy Gaughan
Interview with Tracy Gaughan
Featured Poet Bill Cushing
Emma Lee Speaks to Bill Cushing
Featured Poet, Helen Moore
Denise O’Hagan speaks to Helen Moore
Featured Poet, Anthony Lawrence
Denise O’Hagan speaks to Featured Poet Anthony Lawrence

Poetry Selected by Denise O’Hagan

Ben Hession
Justin Lowe
Peter Mitchell
Jenny Blackford
Ivy Ireland
Nadia Rhook
Philip Muir
Ellen Shelley
Moya Pacey
Rob Shackne
Siobhan Hodge
David Atkinson
Michele Seminara
Sandra Renew
Susan Howard
Brenda Saunders
Bree Alexander
Laura Jan Shore
Rose Lucas

Reviews curated by Emma Lee

The Tradition’ Jericho Brown – Reviewed
In Nearby Bushes’ By Kei Miller -Reviewed
River Wedding’ By Amlanjyoti Goswami -Reviewed by James Fountain
Birds with Horse Hearts’ by Eleanor Walsh Reviewed