Issue 39 Sept 2019

Dave Kavanagh Managing Editor
Welcome to Issue 39 of The Blue Nib

Does Poetry Matter? By Clara Burghelea
Poems As Time Machines By John D. Kelly
Absence Eased by Edward Lee
London in July by Gráinne Daly

Poetry From Ireland, England & Elsewhere
Selected By Clara Burghelea

Featured Poet J. Taylor Bell
J. Taylor Bell Interview
Brian Rihlmann
Sean Smith
Mina Moriarty
Bojana Stojcic
Anne Ballard
Ysella Sims
Anita Gracey
Umit Sener Ta
Marilyn Francis
Rae O’Dowd
Denise O’Hagan
Alison Ross
Maria Pascualy
Margaret Pritchard Houston
Fiona Sinclair
Sue Morgan
Dominic Fisher – Fast Food
Susan Castillo Street
Caoimhe McKeogh

Reviews Curated By Emma Lee

out of emptied cups -Anne Casey
How to Wear Grunge -Ruth Stacy
Table Manners -by Susmita Bhattacharya
The Perseverance by -Raymond Antrobus

Poetry From The US & Canada

Featured Poet -Samn Stockwell
Featured Poet -Liz Balize
Daniel Edward Moore
Michael Lewis Beck
J.P. Mayer
Gary Glauber
Jade Riordan
Cheryl Caesar
William Joel
Alec Solomita
Karen Petersen
Carolyn Martin
Isobel Cunningham
George Franklin
Meghan Purvis
Bhodi Tims
Guinotte Wise
P.C. Vandall
Carley Heider

Short Fiction

Featured Author -Roisin Maguire
Featured Author -Kelli Allen
Rachael Murphy
David Butler

Poetry From Australia & New Zealand
Selected by Denise 0’Hagan

Featured Poet – Peter Bakowski
Peter Bakowski -Interview
Featured Poet -Anne Casey
Peter Rimmer
C S Hughes
James Walton
E.A. Gleeson
Ali Whitelock

Back Pages -From Our Contributing Editors.
The trick to Writing is by Melissa Todd
Ada Wofford – Dive