Issue 38 June 2019

Edited by Dave Kavanagh

New Poetry:

Alyssa Cooper.
Neil Creighton
Abigail S. Cull
Terry Doyle
Jess Neal Woods
Will Reger
Marie-Andrea Auclair
Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon
Mary Buchinger
Michael Durack
Orla Fay
Sue Morgan
Pauline May
Teresa Coe
William Dirge
Sriramgokul Chinnasamy
Ruth Aylett
Suzanne P Thomas
Abigail Elizabeth Ottley
E.V. McLoughlin
Pym Schaare
Patrick Wright
Paul McCarrick
Sam Smith
Ruth Gilchrist
John Kaprielian
Nicola Geddes 1
Marilena Zackheos
Diarmuid Fitzgerald
Peter Clive
Gerald Cedillo
Kitty Coles
Helen Boden
Anna Blasiak
B. Anna Adriaens

New Fiction

Marina Petrova
Jieyan Wang
Brendan Landers
Diana Powell
Melissa Todd
Bruce Meyer
David McVey
Jeremy Nathan Marks
Lyn Anne Byrne
Teresa Sweeny
Emma Devlin
Matthew Roy Davey


The Time Traveller’s Picnic by Fiona Sinclair
Black Car Burning by Helen Mort
Remembrance -A review
Empire by Mary O’Donnell
Red Streamers by Paul Sutherland
The Woman With The Owl Tattoo – By Anne Walsh Donnelly
River Hoard By Neil Leadbeater


The Ekphrasis of Abstract and Monochromatic Paintings
Hero’s Welcome
Dawn trek in the Wahiba Desert
Caged Owl – Anne Walsh Donnolly

The Inline Instapoet Debate

The Gates of Horn and Ivory – contemporary poetry and the Instapoets by Adrain Salmon
Live, Laugh, Ugh! Fear and Loathing in the World of Instagram-Poetry by Ada Wofford