House Hunting by Margaret Lee Triplett

House Hunting (2)

Hiding myself behind telling
you what you want to hear –
a survival instinct in childhood.

Today it’s disingenuous – 
duplicitous – inauthentic –
hiding behind words devoid of me.

What does it take to trust
an instinct?  Gut deep confidence.
Illuminating misleading facts.

Go back to the source
of the centering desire.
New maps are not always better.

What is being revealed?
Is it what you always wanted?
Or is it a way to sell you?

Enter the cave at sundown
and watch the trail of shadows.
Did you give up along the way?

Have you traded your house
for this immediate beauty?
How firm is the foundation?

No one’s telling the truth.
Someone’s telling you what
they think you want to hear.

About the contributor

Margaret Lee Triplett, a gay woman, studied piano performance at the University of South Carolina and computer science at the University of Texas at Austin. She immerses herself in the poetry to which she is drawn. Her poetry includes the following publications: The Magnolia Review, Deep South Magazine and the Muddy River Poetry Review. She currently lives in Tega Cay, South Carolina.

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