Grant Guy, Poetry

Keep Your Tank Full

All good things must come to an end she said
Why wait for the post-relational rush hour

Then she slammed the door & walked out the door

I thought about crying for a . . .
Actually not at all
I knew she would be back
There’s s no gas in the car

As she returned the house
I slipped out the backdoor
for Barbara Ann

I had gas in my old ‘67 Cadillac 

I drove to the corner to a pay phone
& telephoned Barbara Ann &
Told her I’d meet her at Woolworth’s
We’ve been together now 37 years

Remember boys and girls keep your tank full

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Grant Guy

About the contributor

Grant Guy is a Canadian, writer, illustrator and puppeteer. Currently he is the artistic director of the Circus of Objects. His writings and illustrations have appeared in over 100 hundred publications internationally. He has five books published including The Life and Lies of Calamity Jane and the illustrated children's book There Was A Farmer's Wife. He was the recipient of Manitoba Arts Council's Award of Distinction for 2004 and the Winnipeg Arts Council's Making A Difference in 2017.

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