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Getting Published with The Blue Nib

Getting Published

The Blue Nib is both a literary magazine and on line publisher as well as an independent publishing imprint. Getting published with any publisher is difficult, but at the Blue Nib we give precedence to emerging writers and are more likely to consider a first or second collection of poetry, short fiction or a novel by an emerging author.

The Magazine will publish: Literary Fiction, Prose, Poetry, Essay and Articles and accepts submission during our open submission windows for our quarterly publication. It is important when you submit to us that you submit to the right category and that you submit at the correct times. The copyright of work submitted remains with the author, the Blue Nib requests credit as first publisher of work published by the magazine and subsequently published elsewhere. To remain updated on requirements and submission windows you can join our newsletter. You will find further information on what and how to submit with our submission guide 

Getting Full length work published: The Blue Nib publishing imprint is a small independent press that publishes full length works of both poetry and literary fiction. We accept unsolicited manuscripts, submission details can be found here  

We are a small press so please be patient when you submit to us.

The Demise of the Undertaker’s Wife

Due September 2019

independent book publishers

Anne Walsh Donnelly

Demise of the Undertaker’s Wife is an impressive debut from Anne Walsh Donnelly. With her close observation of the human psyche, her razor-sharp pen delineates the world of murder, cruelty, control, with an eye that is sharp, unsettling and clearly demonstrates her lyrical talent. She shines a spotlight on the brokenness of life, the fear of silence and the desperate need for the characters to find someone to communicate with, whether it is with Iscariot or the Angel Gabriel. The voices are always true and convincing. I still cannot get the demise of the poor undertaker’s wife out of my head. That’s exactly what a good short story should do. 

Geraldine Mills, author and poet, co-author of The Other Side of Longing and author of Lick of the Lizard. 

the blue nib: chapbook four

Out June 15 -2019

Gertting Published

pat anthony, mike farren & sharon flynn

The fourth in our Chapbook Series with poets entering eight poems to compete for a share of the prize fund and publication in this unique series which gives emerging poets the opportunity to have their work reviewed by a prominent poet.

Place and people are inextricably linked in this evocative collection of poems. From the first I was intrigued and hooked by the strange confidence of the work. These poems feel like recipes, full of rich details and imperatives.

Helen Mort, autor of Division Street and Black Car Burning.

the ladies and gentlemen of the dead

Published march -2019

Getting Published

dominic fisher

“This collection of poems explores ways the living and the dead meet – for lunch , in an artwork, on an allotment plot, in the city. We meet poets, artists and others engaged in the struggles and contradictions of their own times, and encounter challenges from our own.

This is an outstanding collection of 53 poems by a writer with a distinct, compelling voice. Fisher is clearly fascinated by how opposites are really so close to each other: the living and the dead, work and play, the rural and the urban, the ordinary everyday and the complex. 

Professor Richard Lance Keeble.