Fotoula Reynolds


The Sunday visits 

Pretty dress on
Hair tied up with
Daisy pins in
Leather shoes
Polished and 
She is ready
Ready as a little
Girl is when about
To visit her daddy
Destination reached
Taxi door opens
Heavy for a little girl
Steps out onto the
Bitumen that makes
Scratches on the
Soles of her shoes
That never fade
Her mother’s tight 
Hand grip and smile 
Is the strength of a
Warrior, championing
Her battles with ferocity
Large steel gate creaks
Silver teeth inside the
Mouth of a security guard
Displays a welcome that
Reminds her of Luna Park
But this is not amusing
It is a freak show
Under the big top of a
Human corrections facility
And the bluestone walls 
That travel as high as the
Clouds are the only
Feature that makes
The Sunday visits to 
Pentridge exciting

You never get used to it 

The annual commute
Watching people wasted

In many untold times
And murmured cries

I return to the bed
Of hard familiarity

Faking my smiles
Inside outpatients

Music disturbs me

Clearing head space
Breathing abnormal

Wrap my cold skin
Tunnel wind freeze

Movement denied
Strictly prohibited

Sophisticated results
Strong magnetic pull

Head-rest hurts
Faceguard lowers

A sixty minute photo shoot
Locked in suck it up

A higher love found me
Inside the MRI machine


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