Slide into The DMs. By Erin Francis


Hello there, may I enquire 
whether or not you’d like to invest in a face? 
I’ve many spare 
and can easily make more.
All I charge is interest 
in me and what I am about,
and maybe the price of a drink or two.
Interest in what’s behind the face is optional. 

Don’t tell, but I’m a swindler, me.
Most of the ingredients for the face come from you anyway
and I get off on making them cheap and selling them on dear. 
You can watch as I create it before your very eyes
so fast that you won’t see my sleight of hand. 

Hello there, may I enquire
whether or not I can see behind yours? 


We do debauchery delightfully,
we delirious delinquents. 
We devour desperately 
the dingy distasteful disparities of youth
and disgorge disinterestedly the details
of our disgusting truth. 

We may malignantly malinger, 
we mangled millennials. 
We muck-up marvellously 
the magnificent muffled moments of presence 
and murder mutlifacetedly the magic 
of old-fashioned pleasance. 

But I digress, 
this lovely mess 
at times does have its charms. 
And what generation since the dawn of time
has not brought its own harms? 

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Erin Frances is a student at the University of Sydney

About the contributor

Erin Frances is a student currently studying at the University of Sydney. In her spare time she enjoys reading with cats, writing, figure skating, and walking her toy poodle.

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