Editor Upload

  1. Your title invites the reader to click into the post, so good titles help to promote the work. Remember to adhere to the STYLE GUIDE which you can get from Denise.
  2. Select one category. If this is weekly content, then select your column name, if this is issue content, then select the issue number (Issue Numbers will be set up in advance.)
  3. When entering your post, conform to Denise’s style guide. 
  4. Featured images also invite readers into the post. We CAN use author images if they are good quality and display well on site. If no author image is available, you can use free stock from sites such as Pixabay.com. Your image should be .jpg or .jpeg and optomised to less than 200kb (There are many free apps available to convert and minimise images.)
  5. Excerpts display on our feed pages,and are what people see in social media, a good excerpt, image and title invite the reader to click the post. 
  6. Tags can be used to further define the post and should be comma separated. 
  7. Author bio should be no more than 50 words. 
  8. When you create a post, it goes to draft, so don’t worry about is showing up on the site. The post will be checked prior to it going live.

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