Earth – Ben Hession

Ben Hession is a writer based in Wollongong, New South Wales. His poetry has been published in Eureka Street, the International Chinese Language Forum, the Cordite Poetry Review, Verity La, the Mascara Literary Review, Bluepepper, the Marrickville Pause and the Don Bank Live Poets anthology Can I Tell You A Secret? His poem, 'A Song of Numbers', was shortlisted for the 2013 Australian Poetry Science Poetry Prize. He has reviewed poetry for Verity La and the Mascara Literary Review. He is also a music journalist and is involved with community broadcasting.


wings outstretched at fate’s final kick,
drawn by the wet light of a simulacrum,
a loosened parable of brightness, his
in flesh and bone, but insect-like, he drifts 

onwards, inviting a ripe kind of story, 
across the sun’s stagnant waters
that have captured aspiration, exuberance,
its plumage – the waxing of youth,

his hot imago had carried him higher:
something viral and febrile drowned him.
‘you only live once’ someone shouted
‘fuck yeah’  he answered, ascendant – restless.

his flotsam, an ellipsis on apathetic ripples,
could smiles from old pictures breach this moment? 
his cadences might shuffle towards a lolling myth:
he’s not lost. no, not lost. look, here! the silly lad.


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