Food Poetry from Dominic Fisher

School milk
You had to drink it
whether icky from the sun
or slushy with pale blue ice
You were told  to use a straw
not neck it making it go
If your friend made you laugh 
a milk fountain went
Pwusssshhh      Miss i-wuzim!  

 Egg beans and chips
It took years to learn
vinegar goes first
then the salt on chips

An egg is the sun
rising in the pan
the baked beans are clouds

Sit start and the sun 
sets on still salty chips  

A pear
is one green gold weight
two owls side by side
next four slick white boats
or incomplete lutes
Then it’s one wet plate
pips, stalk, the wet knife
and slack strings of fruit 
If you hadn’t died
I’d do you some squid
with finely chopped garlic
in very hot olive oil

Patatas bravas
big simple salad
proper bread
Spanish dry white
I can’t of course
because squid doesn’t fry
across that great divide.  

Made with milk
scooped into bowls
like blue half worlds
A sea of cream
encircles a soft
brown sugar island
The terrible power
of a spoon  

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