Dialogue of The Spinning Yarns by Rekha Valliappan

‘Ideas come and go, stories stay.’ –Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Good vs. Evil – two binary points in antipodes to each other, inflating the 

Dialogue that balks at the morality of  Henryk Sienkiewicz’s Kali’s Cow.
If somebody takes Kali’s cow it is a bad deed. If Kali takes somebody’s cow it is a good deed. 


Politics has long been the Dialogue of Power – the gold standard set by Plato and 

Aristotle over two thousand years ago, as an inherent feature of ‘Man-Whole’ permeating 

our daily lives. In old Webster’s Dictionaries 1828 ‘politics’ was once defined as : the 

science of government which consists of the ethical regulation of a nation or state for the 

preservation of its safety, peace and prosperity; and the protection of its citizens in their 


Texts get edited over time. Truths of the agenda get inflated or what others want 

you to believe in the context of Good vs. Evil. Buffed up with new meanings to hear the 

word ‘politics’ said today brings all manner of highly unpleasant images to the mind, of 

governments, officials, public bodies, corruption and the like, the list is endless. In fact 

the word has grown so ugly in its breath and scope that there is a real danger of ‘man 

whole’ as a whole either not wanting to participate in this ephemeral mock-up ‘People’s 

Power’ democratic processes or rebel against the system entirely with a view to changing 

its functionality. 

Election time is when ‘politics’ takes the most fanciful of leaps. ‘Politics’ is at its 

most visible. ‘People’s Power’ is at its most visible too all across the divide. Election time  

is a veritable puppet show of entertaining marionettes. All candidates reveal their  

seasoned or imagined rainbow coats and avatars when election time draws near. 

The goal is to ‘connect.’ The goal is to stir up this whopper cooking pot of a ‘man-

whole’ from the top where the froth creams and smokes all the way down to the dregs and 

sediments at the bottom. The goal is to connect the lacuna. Humans are humans after all. 

The reasoning mind must think. And having thought must act. And reason may not be 

coerced. No one is forgotten or set aside in this desperation to ‘connect’, not even blood-

thirsty Martians or the cross-experimental creatures of mad scientist Dr. Moreau’s island 

in the south Pacific or the granfalloons of Cat’s Cradle.

Connection means delivering a good pop. It sandbags all class systems in 

effective demolition. Never let it be said however wrongfully that some are not worthy or 

are dicey, or that certain classifications of people cannot be lured into the ‘thinking’ 

whirlpool, cannot be big-pivoted. Radically. Never let it be said that formal education 

means workers and proletariat cannot be intellectuals or reinstated intellectuals. They can 

and they do engage in philosophy and theosophical thought, with prestige, just as soundly 

as the bourgeoisie and the upper classes have been known to.

Pop, thrust and forward momentum churn for Media, Science & Technology to 

combine as a strong Linkage Institution. There is no throttling back, when one is 

altruistically institutionalized, whether it be TV, print, internet, radio, smart phones, 

social media, tweeting, cinema, conquest of space, or stone tablets to achieve this end. 

Clubs, Social Organizations, Interest groups and even the Church is integrated in all 

kinds of perspectives. Media is the single most powerful arm, run like a weapon to 

connects Politics with People. Without the Media to spread the powerful message Politics 

would lack teeth and bile to deliver. 

Deliverance takes a page out of science fantasy straining at the seams to connect. 

Voters’ imagination may well bulge in syncope and horror. The spin is elaborate, 

oftentimes extreme – ‘a spider spinning on its own entrails’. Tied into the narrative is myth 

and fiction of race and history. Spinning like a rotisserie chicken there is simply nothing 

the Media cannot or will not do if it wants people to believe. Even the legend of  ‘The 

United States of the World’ becomes the reality however bizarre that tool may sound.

Cleverly strategized Media is extraordinary. It is aimed globally and gigantically, 

King Kong on a thumping rampage from equatorial Africa to New York. Big bucks are 

needed to strategize. Money spins into orbit from the Earth to Neptune. Yes, this very 

same Money, 90% of which we know is fictional and does not exist except in our 

computers. This pretense money however helps keep the super-rich, industry insiders, 

crony capitalists, and mega corporations happy, in control of governments and helps 

journalistically to rule the world. 

The power of mainstream media may never be underestimated. The average 

person give or take a few watches 150 hours of TV a month, 90% of which is controlled 

by a handful of giants. The messaging system is continuously and relentlessly at work, 

Darwin’s bulldogs unleashed, streamlining the spectrum of the world to the spectacle of a 

scientific Utopia. Media spars repetitiously, to build the all-inclusive narrative for Good 

vs. Evil. They become game-changers creating the unifying moment. Hefty and relevant 

narratives are required depending on the narrator who works the publicity mills to keep 

the Establishment, the mega-rich, the giant corporations, Xanadus the ‘stately pleasure 

domes of big businesses,’ the clever man and the stupid man who is generally considered 

to be the honest man locked in.

Ample fascination flows, generated in all aspects of social and economic issues 

when it is Election time, be they the environment, climate, employment, housing, 

minorities, racial husbandry, women, health care, immigrants, the marginalized. The 

apathetic, uninterested, disinterested, anti-intellectuals, derelict of duty, socialists, 

fascists, atheists, agnostics, missionaries, preachers, the entire ‘bitter caricature’ of human 

society, the ‘silent majority’ are not forgotten either. One could almost say it does not bear 

quantifying. None are forgotten. Part of the ‘change.’ All issues are encompassed to 

resonate with the booming shriek of people’s needs so that the view of the future will 

mirror that ‘change’ and not mimic the present. The palpating ‘change-mantra’ rips open 

the underbelly of illusion and disillusion like a dose of nitrogen dioxide.

Public Opinion is very powerfully steered and modulated by the Media during 

Election time. Propaganda machines spew humongous columns of repetitivethought, 

educating all peoples of their Magnum Opus which will open the pearly gates of  

POWER and control of the STATE aka our Grecian forbears Plato and Aristotle. 

If one believes that there is a Controlling Group at the very top, if one believes 

that there exists the formal politics of governance, if one believes that making money for 

the pleasures of making money are interlocked with avarice and greed, if one believes 

that instances of bribery, corruption, patronageand graft among government officials are 

tipping the scales for a ‘kleptocratic’ rule of thieves, then one is left with the belief that 

the circle of oligarchs is watertight. So stirring the dregs from the ground upwards 

becomes a profound and measured necessity, if one believes. A democratic system 

expects nothing less of the polarized people living the history or not, who connect them 

to politics.

The common man does have the illusion to say whom he wishes to legitimately 

rule over him. This is the basis of Democracy. Freedom of choice does exist – a two 

ended sword of social didacticism leaning heavily on schools of philosophy and thought 

thrown in at random for the intellectual mind or the not so intellectual mind to feed off, 

bifurcate, set aside or adopt depending on the length of reel being unspooled. Never mind 

the fact that there are more individuals without high school diplomas than there are 

individuals with doctoral degrees. Never mind the fact that there are more poor families 

whose situations are greatly mired in poverty than there are entitled hereditary wealthy 

aristocrats. Never mind the fact that there are more who believe that Democracy cannot 

survive and will die a natural death as the ‘divine right of kings’ once did than there are 

unrestrained democratic despots. Never mind the fact that the 1% super-mega-wealthiest 

have more combined wealth than over half the lower half of the entire population. People

are tiny drops in the ocean after all.

For now Democracy is infallible. For now Democracy is alive and thrives. 

Democracy irrefutably connects Politics to the Rule ‘By the People, Of the People, For 

The People,’ despite statistics revealing 50% of people never ever read a newspaper, 50% 

never ever vote, 70% are just plain illiterate and another 30% are disenfranchised. The 

will of the people caught in a daring dance of movement and stillness. It carries a sense of 

motion without moving, like rhythm in music, people swept by the rock n roll, salsa and 

macarena. Yet rock stars who make music all day and night and very rarely sit around 

reading newspapers and journals are also up there at the hustings, talking about politics 

and connecting it to ‘man whole’.

The tool is in the ‘Marketing’, the sophisticated language of  ‘double-speak,’  the 

flow of ideas rendered dramatically. Marketing attains the absolute Double and Triple 

Standards of fashionable talk. It comes with a business plan – Advertising, which some 

pundits tackling the nitty-gritty of the construction say is nothing better than ‘legalized 

lying.’ It goes to the heart of the marketing of ‘lies, damned lies and statistics.’ When 

someone’s entire strategy is based on pretense and deception how then can one ever 

possibly revert to the reality? The lie becomes the truth, faked evidence played to the 

tunes of the flute of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, unless we train our ears to detect the false 

notes. Because one is notafter all a rat. In fact the ‘lie’ has turned so persuasively grand as 

to become the most effective of marketing tools to be ever used in the connection 

between politics and the people. Because after all what is a lie, or a lie repeated? Merely 

Lord Byron’s ‘truth in masquerade’. Undisputedly Shakespeare’s ‘he will lie, sir, with such 

volubility, that you would think truth were a fool.’

The language of ‘the lie’ or  unclear prose, this self-perpetuating articulation of 

insincerity and political conformity spreads like a contagion by those who want to sully 

the waters and hide the truth. It is a weird world, sometimes called political correctness. 

Levels of social sensitivity have so escalated the stakes that adherence to political 

correctness largely euphemistic is considered a must if one wishes to be seen as 

politically conforming. Fear of offending has become the greatest single disease of our 

century where anyone who crosses the taboo lines of gender, bias or favored groups find 

themselves in serious trouble for having spoken the wrong thing ‘offensively’. On the 

basis of this philosophy reality is obscured and forbidden. As a result people are forced to 

live thebigger lie, while in reality ‘seeing’ the truth which is then expropriated to be 

replaced with the new lie.Culture vs. Counter-Culture.

Political Correctness or cultural Marxism has so permeated our society we are 

collapsing under the weight of two sides of the same -Cow, -er, Coin. Some mental 

midgets call it Affirmative Action. We do not know what humankind did with ‘proper 

speech patterns’ before Marx’s time. Our world has so turned into a shocking ‘lie’ of 

taboos having taken over our normal daily lives that without appropriate intervention the 

epidemic is continuing to spread its andromeda strain of  microbes devouring us with 

contamination. It defies ethical wisdom. On this basis we may not utter insensitive 

terminology such as ‘brown bag’ for fear of race bias or hire a live camel to celebrate 

‘Hump Day’ for fear of Middle Eastern cultural bias or open doors for a lady as a 

gentleman for fear of gender bias. Poli-Tricks ticks and sticks. The America of Archie 

Bunker, Doris Day and John Wayne has disappeared through the chinks forever.

The spin of the Dialogue connecting Politics with People is a lengthy narrative. 

Good vs. Evil has long necessitated the moral path towards a pluralistic and tolerant 

society. The argument for ‘fairness’ has long been the core guiding principle for cultural 

homogeneity and cohesion. ‘Man-Whole’ needs to turn whole again. The Left and the 

Right and the Center. When the dregs are fully stirred with a sharp zing that makes you 

flinch it only needs a dose of Tono-Bungay to point out man’s folly.  



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