Derek Sellen reads his own work ‘Betty Fox is skipping’

Derek Sellen’s writing has won first prizes in Poets Meet Politics, Poetry Pulse, Rhyme International, Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year and O’Bheal Five Words. He has read in the UK, Italy, Germany, Russia and Ireland and is widely published. His most recent collection ‘The Other Guernica’ (Cultured Llama Publishing 2018) has been favourably reviewed



Betty Fox is skipping   


on eighteen inches of perch,

twenty storeys above the buzz

and dystopia of the street.


The rope skims her head,

heels skim the rope,

toes touch down and rebound.


Perhaps she’d rather this

than the blindfold waltz

or the famous death-whirl.


Indianapolis to Miami,

Depression to Cold War,

her crowds gasp.


She springs high,

does mid-sky splits,

angel in an ice-blonde wig.


The name is leased;

decades of nimble women

renew Betty Fox, aerialist.


Dapper but grey, Benny

debuts the latest. She clamps

her thighs on his waist and leans out


into the abyss,

closing her blue eyes

as if she sleeps;


he sees all the Bettys,

ghosts of one another,

slipping from him


as he begins to spin.

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