Deirdre Devally reads her own poem, ‘Donnacha’

Deirdre Devally writes poetry and short stories for live performance and radio. She has released her debut spoken word album, ‘The Broken Timbers Speak’. She has been broadcast on RTE Radio on programmes including Sunday Miscellany and the Frances McManus competition broadcasts.



I met you before I met you, in your words,

they fly, as you lay, they dance and run, they swim, they pray.

They tell me.. just BE in this day.

Friends steal you from sick bed to hiace heaven.

Your chariot takes you to the ocean’s side,

your heart beats wildly, so scared they’ll drop you,

you are still in the gang, along for the ride. 

As your wheelchair yields you, strong arms beneath you,

your feelings whirlpool, joy and fright,

they lower you gently, salt water greets you,

and your terror shifts to pure delight.

Then the ocean lifts you and the waves anoint you.  

Sea-creatures pale in your Christ-child light

and the water holds you, and the waves anoint you,

the sun blows kisses on this sacred sight.

Brother wind caresses uplifted face, 

Donnacha, Donnacha, man of grace,

Last sea-float, bed, the ocean inside, no need to hide.

You are of here, this time, this place

this feeling, this breath, this inner outer all one space.

As your Mother sings her words, day by day,  

they fly, as you lay, they sooth, they ease, they comfort, play.

Remind me.… just BE in this day.

As her fierce love lifts you and her songs anoint you,

and she and I pale in your Buddha light.

As the bed now holds you, sound-waves anoint you,

and her smile rains kisses on this holy sight.

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