‘Crazy Horse Canyon’ a poem by Charles Edwards

Charles Edwards (pen name) A long-time Chicagoan/Californian, widowed, retired, writing poetry for several years. His first, two publications appear in the 2019/Winter Issue, the 2020/Spring Issue of 'October Hill Magazine,' as well as 'The Voices Project,' 'BlazeVOX' and 'North Dakota Quarterly.' Blessings~ear Dave

Crazy Horse Canyon

Bloody bayonets kill pride

the Lakota, the Sioux, running

over rivers of conceit they roam

along Crazy Horse Canyon.

Face paints, yellow lightning bolts 

and powder, war bonnets, sacred 

songs sang by the Oglala today

a protector of a people.

Indian wars, fighting warriors,

spirits calling Conquering Bear

& Little Hawk leading us to

the Black Hills, ‘Pahá Sápa’.

Inspired by visions of Sitting

Bull, massacres of innocent Indians

takes a turn alongside bloody shores

of The Little Bighorn River.

‘Valley of Chieftans’ that battlefield

known as Greasy Grass, lies the 

defeated, broken body of General

Custer on Last Stand Hill.

North American Time, Editorial

North American Time, Editorial
Felicia McCarthy on her listing of the ten poets she selected for issue 42.

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2 poems by Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen was poetry appears in New England Journal of Medicine (1977), The Road Not Taken (2017) and more

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3 poems by Deborah Purdy
Deborah Purdy's work has appeared in Gravel Literary Magazine, Cleaver Magazine, and other publications.

Poetry by Mycah Miller

Poetry by Mycah Miller
Mycah Miller is a Santa Cruz, CA-based poet, artist, motorcyclist, and student.

Poetry by Don Krieger

Flash Fiction by Don Krieger
Don Krieger is a 2020 Creative Nonfiction Fellow.
His work has appeared in Neurology, Live Mag!, Seneca Review, The
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Asahi Shimbun, Entropy, and others.

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