The Blue Nib Chapbook 1

Derek Kannemeyer, Jackie Jorman & Christopher Meehan

the Blue Nib’s first publication, which showcases the prize winning entries of Chapbook Contest I, the Summer/Autumn Chapbook Contest, 2017. The Blue Nib magazine offered the 3 winning poets, in first, second and third places, chapbook publication.The Contest was judges by leading poet Michael Blackburn. 

What the reviewers said

This is a phenomenal book!
Three emerging poets are showcased with eight poems each. The poets each write with identifiable voices and the first presented, Derek Kannemeyer, manages to use several techniques, rhyme schemes, and poetic devices to make every one of his pieces an event unto itself.
I devoured this book in one sitting but will return to it often to re-read favorites like Kannenmeyer’s incredible work “Boat Woman, Towson” and “Ballade of Becoming American,” Jackie Gorman’s fine poems “The Word ‘No’” and the poignant “Shorn” (which I stopped to re-read twice before moving on, so touching a poem I found it to be), and “The Drying Air” and “Banagher” by Christopher Meehan.
The Blue Nib has put together a book to be experienced and not to be overlooked. Here are three raising talents also not to be missed.


By Derek Kennemeyer
By Jackie Gorman
By Derek Meehan