Watering the Flag- Chad Norman


I heard the plant growing,
our recent household purchase
a Dracaena, the plant growing
to provide fresh air,
oxygen, so I heard,
now resting in the sunlight
down on the floor of our home,
of our living room, a room
all the plants seem to prefer.

I heard the water being drank
almost as if the thirst
of our recent purchase
can’t be sated, the water being
sucked up quickly right before
my eyes, quickly like rain
vanishing at the base of a flagpole
where the concrete is broken,
rain recently fallen
now watering the flag,
a thirsty flag, rain to keep
the white bright, the red solid,
and the maple leaf spread wide,
not withered, a flag well watered…

I hear a nation anxious to grow,
to remain a magnetic home for many.

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