The Craft

Planner versus Pantser

Face off. Planning versus Pantsing

The Pantser The freedom to create without the confines...
Ted Hughes

The life and work of Ted Hughes

Born in Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire in 1930, the landscape of Ted Hughes’s youth would have a massive influence on...
I am not a poet

I am not a poet! Are you?

Dave Kavanagh on a journey towards not being a poet, and on why reading makes us better writers.

National Creative Writing Day

Eleanor Hill, Marketing and Production Assistant at Comma Press introduces National Creative Writing...
Ada Wofford

Understanding Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey. By Ada Wofford

Understanding Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey - by Ada Wofford
How A Writer Finds Inspiration

How A Writer Finds Inspiration Among Her Clutter And Elsewhere

How a Writer Finds Inspiration   Your storage level is almost full! Stuff, I’ve got loads of it: stuff in boxes, stuff in bags, stuff in files,...
5 contemporary poets

5 contemporary poets you should be reading

“Who should I be reading?” or “What contemporary poets should I be watching?”
How to promote your book

How to promote your book, 10 steps -Denise O’Hagan

'Writing a book without promoting it is like waving to someone in a dark room. You know...
Author Website

13 easy ways to make an Author Website work for you.

  How many times have I heard someone say “Author Websites don’t work”?   
Make time for poetry

5 Ways to make time for poetry in your life.

Poetry is an under-appreciated art form, cast aside...
Short story contests.

11 Short story contests you’re not too late to enter

We all hate it when we miss the deadline for a contest, but if it's happened to you recently, take heart. Here are 11 Short Story Contests you can still enter. Closing dates from July 31st to December 31st.
Indie Author

Self Publishing -Indie Author Spotlight: Orna Ross

Self PublishingIndie Author Spotlight: Orna Ross  Orna Ross/ Indie...

The Ekphrasis of Abstract and Monochromatic Paintings

The notion of ekphrasis as a distinctive genre of writing in relation to images arrives in the mid nineteenth century (Webb 1999)....

The Senses in Literature -Ruth Ennis

In creative writing, the author caters to the appeal of the targeted readers. As every audience is as diverse and complex as the people...

The Contemporary Short Story

A Pick of the Best Contemporary English-language Short Story Collections Short stories appear widely in literary magazines, as well as in the relatively small number...

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Poet, Ping Wang

Poet, Ping Wang

Poet, Rose Mary Boehm

Poet, Rose Mary Boehm

Rachael Mead, Poet

Rachael Mead, Poet.

poet Philip Radmall

Poet, Philip Radmall

Poetry by Anne Elvey

Poetry by Anne Elvey

Poetry by Justin Lowe

Poetry by Justin Lowe

Poetry Anita Patel

Poetry by Anita Patel

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Poetry by Eamonn Wall

Sandra Fees poetry

Poetry by Sandra Fees