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The Blue Nib publish short literary fiction from the best new and emerging writers.

Shinjini Dey

The Closest Thing to Home. Fiction Shinjini Dey

Shinjini Dey has been published in Efiction and Cactus Heart Press.

A Field for the British Isles. Nigel Jarrett

Nigel Jarrett a double prizewinner: the Rhys Davies Award for short fiction and the Templar Shorts award.
Michael Paul Hogan

Paris Vagrant. Fiction from Michael Paul Hogan

Michael Paul Hogan is a poet, journalist and fiction writer whose work has appeared extensively in the USA, UK, India and China
Mikael Shamsie

The Ant Hill. Fiction by emerging writer Mikael Shamsie

Mikael Shamsie is a Pakistani living in Canada, having previously spent his time moving from place to place
Colette Coen

For Sale Sign by Colette Coen

Colette Coen is a member of the G2 Writers Group.
Joe Williams

What We Learnt From Vitruvian Man by Joe Williams

Joe Williams is a writer and performing poet from Leeds.
Swara Shukla

After Life. Fiction by Swara Shukla

Swara Shukla is a Creative Writing graduate from University of Glasgow. She has worked on developing a youth-to-youth publishing start-up called MageQuill based in the Scottish Highlands.
Rosemary McLeish

My Uncle in the Ospital. New Fiction from Rosemary McLeish

Rosemary McLeish won second prize in both the Mslexia Poetry Competition and the Bedford International Poetry Competition.
Megan Carlson

Relief. Short Fiction from Megan Carlson

Megan Carlson earned a master's degree in journalism from the Medill School at Northwestern University
Jessica Ciosek

Too Much. Short Fiction by Jessica Ciosek

Jessica Ciosek attended Michigan State University where she earned a BA in Marketing and promptly found her passion for fiction writing eight months after graduation.

Sexual Predator. Fiction from Melissa Todd

Melissa Todd is a writer, performer and the director of Hags Ahoy theatre company.
Melissa St.Pierre

Slide. Fiction from Melissa St. Pierre

Melissa St.Pierre teaches writing and rhetoric at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. She was featured in Listen To Your Mother, a spoken word story showcase, for her creative non-fiction.
David Butler

Zither Music – Short fiction by David Butler

We’d been to the Gate to watch Barry McGovern do his Beckett thing. A character whose proportions might’ve been dreamed up by...
Kate LaDew

Always Say by Kate Ladew

Kate LaDew is a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BA in Studio Art. She resides in Graham, North Carolina.
Zuri McWhorter

Bait – historical short fiction by Zuri McWhorter

It was my fault. Mama always said, “Don’t leave the baby alone. Night time is pretty to...
Elizabeth McGeown

I Have Never – Short Fiction by Elizabeth McGeown

Elizabeth McGeown's first e-pamphlet ''twas' was e-published by Pen Points Press in December 2018.
kelli allen

One hundred knots – Featured Fiction by Kelli Allen

Kelli Allen’s is the recipient of the 2018 Magpie Award for Poetry. Her newest collection is Banjo’s Inside Coyote, C&R Press, 2019.
Tobias Radloff

Person of the Year – Fiction by Tobias Radloff

Tobias Radloff was awarded the Daniil Pashkoff Prize for his short story "Nobody loves you like I do".
Clare Reddaway

A Long Way from Home. Fiction by Reddaway

Lily hugged her bundle close to her chest.  The lane was crowded, and she was being jostled and pushed.  If she wasn’t...
M.E. Proctor

Give Away – Short Fiction by M.E Proctor

Give Away - M.E. Proctor Mamma has always had a love for other people's possessions.
Helena Farrell

Tangled Knots – Short Fiction by Helena Farrell

TANGLED KNOTS I long to find the thread that will help me unravel, to bring me back to the...
Ada Wofford

Dive by Ada Wofford

She’d been working here since her daughter started grade school. She liked...

An Eye at the Window by Matthew Roy Davey

Alice’s mum told her that Grandad was ‘not with us any more’ and that he had ‘gone to a better place’.  Alice knew exactly...

Ear to the Ground. By Bruce Meyer

A spur line ran near our town, though not through it. When the tracks were clear as far as we could see, we’d lay...
Melissa Todd

Beetroot Chutney- Melissa Todd

She paused at the door, smoothing her hair and skirt, checking her reflection in the glass: no new spots, OK, a little shiny, but...
Diana Powell

The Woman Who Never Begs- Diana Powell

In the painting, the model sits there, lounging. The artist calls his work ‘Reposing’, but Magda doesn’t like that. ‘Lounging’ is better. She liked to...

Green Eggs and Ham- Brendan Landers

Sam is my little boy. He has finally drifted off to sleep. This has taken some effort on my part - three readings of...

A Couple with a Baby by Marina Petrova

A couple is swimming with a baby in the pool of a Hampton Inn in Schenectady.  They stretch the baby at both ends, extending...

Crow by Jieyan Wang

An icy wind slithered inside Mia’s coat. The ground underneath her was smothered under six inches of snow, and the black trees towering over...

Last in the Present Series. By David McVey

Ronald Startham wondered if there would be any assassins in the studio tonight. He was sitting in the semi-darkness of his dressing-room. If it was...
Jeremy Nathan Marks

Hopper. By Jeremy Nathan Marks

When my neighbor’s wife passed away last year he told me how he had boxes of her things he could not bring himself to...
Lyn Ann Byrne

For the Love of Words. By Lyn Ann Byrne

All these years I’ve held on tight to the finger licked corners of stale crusty novels.  I’ve held them open between my clammy hands...

Goodbye, Mr. Fox- Fiction- Anne Walsh Donnelly

The kitchen window creaks as Luke pushes it open. Sticks his head out, sucks in the morning air. It’s laced with the smell of...

The Depth of Ambition- Anna Hayes

The structure rose up in front of us, like a giant, half-decapitated ‘X’ marking the spot. Of what, I didn’t know. This didn’t look...
Poets and writers in issue 37 of The Blue Nib Literary Magazine

You’ll Die as Fish- New Fiction- Susan Anwin

"May I help you?" The woman, her phone stuck to her ear, was one of those businesswoman-types, discreet although expensive-looking earrings, dark hair smoothed back...

A Village Street in Winter- Ruth Brandt

For a couple of days that winter it blew warm. Half our street, the south facing half, glinted with ochres and terracottas in the...

People Don’t Think About Things Like That- Paul Brownsey

The puppy squirms in Janine's muscular arms as she rings the bell, but its squirming is eager, its energy indistinguishable from delight — delight...

White Ink- Fiction- John Higgins

Yet another pretentious arsehole spouting off about aesthetic theories. What is he looking for? To see how long he can shitetalk before sand falls...

Late Capitalism- New Fiction- Rob Schofeld

I was working at the bed factory earning fuck all and enjoying it even less. The boss had already told me I had promise...
Teresa Sweeney

Some Young One

‘I don’t want to go out, you know,’ Louise said as she ran the straighteners through her long blonde hair. Siobhan didn’t answer her. Instead...
Kate Ennals

Jerusalem – fiction by Kate Ennals

Propped up against goose down pillows, her face is ravaged and pallid,  strung together with skeletal  bone. In one hand is a lit cigarette....

True Places – fiction by Frances Browner

Veronica watched the snowflakes drift onto the grass, in a thin white gauze. April was always a tease; just when you thought winter was...

The Sighting – fiction by Yong Takahashi

I see you again – walking towards me – with your confident stride. I notice your closely-shaven beard, white, button-down shirt, and neatly-pressed slacks....

Flyer – New Short Fiction- Dean Brown

We approached the door. It didn’t hurt to have me be the one they saw first. I was with my uncle, Walker, who claimed...

Lemons- Carla Scarano D’Antonio

On Thursday I went to the supermarket and did my usual round: salad, fruit, vegetables. While I was selecting the oranges a net bag...

Family Man- Ewa Mazierska

Family Man They had been in the band for over twenty years now. Their best years, creatively and financially when a new record would sell...

Man Creates Itself – Fiction by John Higgins

It had been a quick death, they assured me. I’m not sure if that was meant as a gesture of consolation, or just a...

Pedigree – Fiction- David Gladwin

‘Was that all right?’ he said, panting anxious. ‘Did you like it?’ Angie plumped her pillow as he eased away. ‘Oh, it was fine.’ She...

Drifter – Fiction- Susan Anwin

Maggie saw the old geezer first on the mist-ridden streets of a nameless Scandinavian town during one of her predawn wanderings. He was some...

Bella by the Rosebush – Fiction

It smelled like coffee again. Each morning—every morning, it seemed, that same crimson odor seeped into the walls and the sheets. Each morning—every morning,...