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Carla Scarano D’Antonio’s ‘Negotiating Caponata’ Reviewed by Rodney Wood

‘Negotiating Caponata’ Carla Scarano D’Antonio Dempsey and Windle

‘The Beating Heart’ Denise O’Hagan -reviewed by Phillip Hall.

‘The Beating Heart’  Denise O’Hagan Ginninderra Press

Emma Lee reviews ‘Incunabulum’ by Carol McKay

‘Incunabulum’ Carol McKay Pot Hole Press ISBN (Print) 987-1-910033-08-1

Emma Lee Reviews ‘Highway 20’ by Michael J Moore

‘Highway 20’ Michael J Moore Hellbound Books Publishing $14.99...

Emma Lee reviews ‘The Barging Buddhi’ by Sunita Thind

‘The Barging Buddhi’ Sunita Thind Black Pear Press ISBN...

Charline Poirier reviews Laura Besley’s ‘The Almost Mothers’

‘The Almost Mothers’ Laura Besley  Dahlia Books ISBN: 9781913624002,...

Emma Lee reviews ‘Both Sides of the Story’ Robert Fairhead

‘Both Sides of the Story’  Robert Fairhead Tall And...

Carla Scarano reviews ‘Grieving with the Animals’ Polly Roberts

‘Grieving with the Animals’  By Polly Roberts Dempsey and...

Arthur Broomfield ‘The Giant’s Footsteps at the Rock of Dunamaise’ Reviewed by Clare Morris

‘The Giant’s Footsteps at the Rock of Dunamaise’ By Arthur Broomfield

Rebecca Watts’ ‘Red Gloves’ -Reviewed

James Fountain reveiws Rebecca Watts' 'Red Gloves'

Anna Blasiak’s bilingual ‘Kawiarnia przy St James’s Wrena w porze lunchu/Cafe by St James’s in the Wrens at Lunchtime’, Reviewed

‘Kawiarnia przy St James’s Wrena w porze lunchu / Café by Wren’s St James-in-the-Fields, Lunchtime’...

‘Anecdotal Evidence’ by Gayelene Carbis -Reviewed by Emma Lee

Gayelene Carbis uses a variety of forms, style and tone to suit each poem – from densely packed enjambment and prose poems to tightly structured sequences

‘Misericord’ by Kevin Bailey -Reviewed by Michael Paul Hogan

‘Misericord’ is a book containing many fine things, a Palace of Varieties containing within its sixty-six pages a multitude of (mainly successful) attempts to render Kevin Bailey’s poetic world complete.

‘Letters Home’ by Jennifer Wong -Reviewed by Emma Lee

“Letters Home” explores the Chinese-British diaspora from the viewpoint of someone beginning to find her place in the world, looking at how to forge an identity which includes her origins and her new life.

‘Trees’ by Sam Smith -Reviewed

Hazel is going to die. We all are, but in Hazel's case death will come sooner.

‘Wish’ by Katerina Neocleous -Reviewed

In writing poetry about childhood and adolescence, mawkishness could be a trap one falls into, but in this work, the subject is covered so well by the poet

‘Keepsake’ by Kayleigh Campbell -Reviewed

Reading the title poem first, from my perspective, ‘Keepsake’ immediately struck a paternal chord, as memories flooded back of my own first purchase for my daughter when she was born

‘Children of the Nation’ an anthology- reviewed by Emma Lee

‘Children of the Nation an Anthology of Working People’s Poetry from Contemporary Ireland’ edited...

Ngugi wa Thiong’o- Birth of a Dream Weaver, reviewed by Eugen Bacon

‘Birth of a Dream Weaver’ Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o The New Press 

Barry Fentiman Hall’s ‘Sketches by Baz’ reviewed by Melissa Todd

‘Sketches by Baz’ Barry Fentiman Hall Wordsmithery ISBN 978-1-9160183-1-0