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Highly Commended

Our guest judge Vivien Jones made an initial shortlist of twelve entries from the over sixty entries sent to her. From this longlist she...

5 poems by Marissa McNamara

Marissa McNamara's current work focuses on her husbands death.

6 poems from Tom Paine

No one ever told me to stand in the woods and await dusk.

Family and Dolls, Poetry by Joan Colby

THE DOLL At Marshall Fields that year When I was eight, They took a photograph to make A doll with my face, My wavy auburn hair. I unwrapped that doll On...

What I Didn’t Tell My Father, Poetry Ann Howells

What I Didn’t Tell My Father mosquitoes swirl like ash in headlights& priests call bingo from pulpitsup & down the shorearound our...

What Vachel Lindsay Said- Will Reger

What Vachel Lindsay Said What Vachel Lindsay said in faithful song he shouted full-cocked, full-blown full-throated, until his evening fell and music went out of the bone in the blast of...

Dear Sisters and Other Poems- Bev Smith

dear sisters our tree’s stretch of skyward is slowing as is their leaf fall, wrap of blankets, and hopeful reach again for spring breathless trips on summer stumbles of things forgotten upon faces fanned by noon to...
A poem by Johanna Antonia Zomers

Ticking Along, Poetry by Johanna Antonia Zomers

Johana Antonia Zomers's first novel “When the Light Enters” was published with Pastora de la Vega Press.

The Wandering Bard- Essay by Frances Browner.

Biography: Frances Browner grew up in Dublin, spent twenty years in New York and now resides in County Wicklow. She has been writing fiction...

and my heart crumples like a coke can – Reviewed

Ali Whitelock’s, and my heart crumples like a coke can reviewed by Ada Wofford. Along with being a Contributing Editor to the Blue Nib, Ada Wofford is bravely avoiding her inevitable 9-5 enslavement by studying library science at UW-Madison. She holds a BA in English literature and has been published in number of journals.
Brent Cantwell

Gated community by Brent Cantwell

Brent Cantwell is a New Zealand writer from Timaru, South Canterbury
Poet Kevin Heslop

Kevin Heslop reads ‘The Body Artist’

Kevin Heslop is a poet and actor from London, Ontario. He is the author of con/tig/u/us (Blasted Tree, 2018)
Rosemary McLeish

Rosemary McLeish reads her own work, Skeleton

Rosemary McLeish is a prize-winning author who has published widely in journals and anthologies, both in print and on-line
Melissa Todd

Janus – Melissa Todd

Mellissa Todd reading her own, Janus.

Sarah L Dixon reads, For the Dark Days.

Sarah L Dixon's 'Adding wax patterns to Wednesday' was released by Three Drops Press in 2018.