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The Critical Nib: With Emma Lee

Emma Lee Reviews ‘The Alpaca Cantos’ by Jenny Blackford

‘The Alpaca Cantos’ Jenny Blackford Pitt Street Poetry https://pittstreetpoetry.com/

Justin Goodman Reviews ‘An Insubstantial Universe’ (eds. Alyal and Stockdale)

‘An Insubstantial Universe’ editors Amina Alyal and Edwin Stockdale Yaffle Press https://www.yafflepress.co.uk/anthologies

Emma Lee Reviews ‘Nature Lover’ By Efi Hatzimanolis

‘Nature Lover’ Efi Hatzimanolis Owl Publishing http://www.owlpublishing.com.au/ ISBN 978-0-6482861-5-8,...

Emma Lee Reviews, Geoffrey Heptonstall’s ‘Rites of Passage’

‘Rites of Passage’ Geoffrey Heptonstall Cyberwit

Declan Toohey reviews Garth Greenwell’s Cleanness

‘Cleanness’ Garth Greenwell Picador ISBN 9781509874637  £8.99 (paperback)

Adrian Salmon reviews – Colum McCann’s ‘Apeirogon’

‘Apeirogon’ Colum McCann Penguin Random House ISBN 9781400069606

Star Trails By Alexandra Fraser -Reviewed

‘Star Trails’ Alexandra Fraser  Steele Roberts  ISBN 978-0-947493-93-6, 

‘Forms of Exile: Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva’ Translated by Belinda Cooke – Reviewed

‘Forms of Exile: Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva’Translated by Belinda Cooke The...

Latest Articles

1 poem by Dan Kaufman

Some poems are simply irresistible, and this pithy, bittersweet work by Melbourne-based writer and journalist Dan Kaufman is one of them!

Phillip Hall Reviews ‘All Suspicions Have Been Confirmed’ by Shane Strange

Phillip Hall reviews Shane Strange's debut collection 'All Suspicions Have Been Confirmed'

Two Poems by Thorvald Berthelsen

Thorvald Berthelsen’s translations capture the musical streak of the original language while vividly rendering intriguing visual associations.

The Great Pretender by Greg Michaelson

Edinburgh-based novelist, Greg Michaelson explores one of our worst fears as writers: that our writing isn’t original

The Art of Attention – Where Poetry and Mindfulness Intersect by Daragh Byrne

Poet and Convener of The Sydney Poetry Lounge, Daragh Byrne explores the value of mindfulness in writing poetry, 'using the flawed tool of language.'

3 Poems by Michael Igoe

Poems from Michael Igoe that appear to go down easy but challenge you to read again.

Emma Lee Reviews ‘Mojave in July’ by Angela M. Brommel

Emma Lee reviews ‘Mojave in July’ by Angela M. Brommel, former contributor to The Blue Nib

It Is What It Is by Patrick Nevins

In this beautifully written story, Patrick Nevins' protagonist faces a past that might easily overwhelm her.
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