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Literary Pod Cast featuring poetry and fiction, interviews and reviews, curated by Angela Dye and produced by Michael Ivatt. 

Poet, James Walton reads his own work, ‘A Dairy Hand On a Hill’

Australian poet, James Walton reads his own work, A Dairy Hand On a Hill

Tim King reads his own work ‘At the Poetry Reading…’

'Tim King wouldn’t describe himself as the Father of the ‘Poetry Plus’ House in the south west, but I would' says Ysella Sims

Denise O’Hagan reads ‘Before The Party’ from her upcoming collection, ‘The Beating Heart’

Before the party It must have just stopped raining When we arrived. The road, licked for hours By the quiet slap of countless passing tyres, Gleamed blackly under...

John Saunders reading his own work, ‘Neurons’

Transcript Neurons Machine guns that shoot bullets down the road  of the dendrite to land at the tiny shore of a synapse, join the army of pulses that cross...

Oz Hardwick reads his own, ‘A Brief History of Mermaids’

Transcript Oz Hardwick's work appears in issue 42 of The Blue Nib which is on sale now.

Clare Morris reads her own ‘Bloomsday in Andalusia’

In honour of Bloomsday, The Write Life editor, Clare Morris reads her own Bloomsday in Andalusia

Deirdre Devally reads her own poem, ‘Donnacha’

Transcript DONNACHA I met you before I met you, in your words, they fly, as you lay, they dance and run, they swim, they pray. They tell...

Akshaya Pawaskar reads her own, ‘An Appeal to My Burning Country’

Transcript My country is engulfed in flames todayand it is not a wild fire kindled bya live cigarettebut by arsonists spewing out mindlesswords of hatred.By...

Hanna Komar reads her own, ‘A Good Daughter’

Hanna Komar is an award-winning poet and translator based in Minsk

Adèle Ogiér Jones reads her own ‘Pacific questions’

Transcript Pacific questions what is peace as the wind blows gently through the coconut palms? what is it as the gas murmurs softly beneath the Chinese aluminum kettle? what is...