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‘A Brief Memoir of Raven Street’ by Jena Woodhouse

His table at the kafeneion was left unoccupied, out of respect. Kalliope, who still leased the corner kiosk selling newspapers and cigarettes, wept. He had been her favourite customer, because of his quiet courtesy.

Ada Wofford reviews Dana St Mary’s ‘Giants of Sand’

Ada Wofford reviews Dana St Mary's 'Giants of Sand'

An Interview with Adam J Sorkin

Adam J Sorkin generously shares what it means to be creative and co-creative in the translation process, focusing on the joys and challenges of artistic collaborations.

Jeff Santosuosso reviews Eleanor Kedney’s ‘Between the Earth and Sky’

Jeff Santosuosso reviews Eleanor Kedney's 'Between the Earth and Sky'

‘Ha and Ha’ by Chris Eder

Benny opens mouth to brush teeth. I sit scowling between bottom incisors. Tongue hangs over me like umbrella. Drool drips around me. He looks happy. Glad someone is happy.

Two poems by Jena Woodhouse

Delve into the dark world of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch through these two evocative poems in the ekphrastic tradition by Australian poet Jena Woodhouse!

Mary O’Malley in conversation with Tracy Gaughan

'Eavan gave me the letters of Lowell and Bishop so that I would see one relationship between a man and a woman who were literary equals, and see that he regarded her as such. That’s how to teach.' Irish woman of letters, Mary O’Malley speaks to Tracy Gaughan about her life in literature, education and music, the rich culture that shaped her imagination and why place is not always tethered to location.

Two Poems by Dilys Rose

Elegant and well-crafted poems from one of Scotland's foremost writers, Dilys Rose.

Two Poems by Zachary Kluckman, the Founder of MindWell Poetry

Kluckman will be recognized by readers who understand the mind's darkness, its depths and razor sharp turns.

Two poems by Nilgun Marmara translated by Sevda Akyuz

Nilgun Marmara's poems in the translation of Sevda Akyuz exult in color and grief equally and seduce the reader with their vividness.

Emma Lee reviews ‘Rocky Landscape with Vagrants’ by Gary Glauber

Emma Lee reviews Gary Glauber's 'Rocky Landscape with Vagrants'.

Two poems by Jules Leigh Koch

In our age of overblown expression, the chiselled lines and deliberate imagism of Australian poet Jules Leigh Koch are a real treat!

Poem by Sevda Akyuz

Sevda Aykuz's poem captures tender vulnerability in a striking, fleeting moment.

Poetry by Martin Willitts Jr.

Syracuse retired librarian, Martin Willetts Jr, is an activist for poetry, an editor for Comstock Review with many collections and awards.

Emma Lee Reviews ‘Enchanter’s Nightshade’ by Simon Currie

Emma Lee reviews Simon Currie's Enchanter's Nightshade.

‘This Month on the Home Binge Office: UK Cinema’ by Jason Bentsman

Unfortunately, before the documentary can be completed, he meets his demise—along with the entire crew—via a roving violent disinformed Capitalist mob of #MeMyself&I...

Poems by Mary Madec

The earthly and the mythic are in constant interplay in these poems by Mary Madec.

Charline Poirier reviews Graeme Hall’s ‘The Goddess of Macau’

Charline Poirier reviews Graeme Hall's 'The Goddess of Macau'

One poem by Kathryn Fry

See the poetry in scientific discovery through the discerning and tender eye of Australian poet Kathryn Fry!

‘Letters To Bird (Which Never Receive A Reply)’ by Marcia Hindson

The fog was thick at half past three, so when I walked into the street, I imagined this was how it must feel to live in the ear canal of a giant.

Emma Lee Reviews ‘Dominion’ Anthology edited by Zelda Knight and Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald

Emma Lee reviews 'Dominion' anthology edited by Zelda Knight and Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald

Three Poems in Translation by Laura Dan

Laura Dan's poems seduce the reader with their simple, visual touch and their dainty details.

Chloe Jaques reviews ‘No Spiders Were Harmed in the Making of this Book’ ed Cherry Potts from Arachne Press

Chloe Jacques reviews 'No Spider was harmed in the making of this book' edited by Cherry Potts for Arachne Press's 8th anniversary.

Poetry by Patricia Davis-Muffett

Three vivid narrative poems from Patricia Davis-Muffett, each of three describing a different experience from the many tragedies of 2020.

Poetry by Katherine Duffy

Duffy’s vibrant poetry allows us to travel through a whole spectrum of colour, whilst standing still.

‘A Silent Passing’ by Mike L. Nichols

He seems not to hear the rasping squeak of the screen door opening to produce two children who tread softly to stand immobile in the chemically green grass like lawn statuary, beardless garden gnomes in cartoon pajamas.

One poem by Kit Willett

There is a wistfulness to this playful postmodern piece by New Zealand poet, Kit Willett, which will haunt you long after you’ve finished reading it!

An interview with Andrei Codrescu

In this generous, witty conversation, Andrei Codrescu confesses 'Writing poetry is the only skill the young need.'

Carla Scarano D’Antonio reviews Patrick Osada’s ‘From the Family Album’

Carla Scarano D'Antonio reviews Patrick B Osada's 'From the Family Album'.

Theo Dorgan speaks to Tracy Gaughan

‘I hope I have been true to what was given to me to say, and that I have dealt honestly with the language.’ The Blue Nib welcomes Irish man of letters, Theo Dorgan who took time out to speak to Tracy Gaughan about his life in literature, the new flourishing in Irish language poetry and spending time with Doris Lessing

Poetry by Ciarán O’Rourke

Well versed in Western literature, a fact borne out in the quality and flexibility of his style, O’Rourke’s poems evoke and challenge a millenia old tradition.

Judith Beveridge in conversation with Denise O’Hagan

Described as ‘one of Australia’s most gifted poets', Judith Beveridge, speaks of her passion both for poetry and for the natural world.

Two Poems by Featured Poet, Judith Beveridge

Not for nothing is Judith Beveridge known as ‘one of Australia’s most gifted poets of both the natural and the human world’, as these two works amply demonstrate!

Una Mannion in conversation with Dave Kavanagh

Ahead of appearing in issue 44. Award-winning poet and writer, Una Mannion talks candidly with Dave Kavanagh about her early life, her writing day and why she finds particular comfort in prose.

Emma Lee reviews Peter Mitchell’s ‘Conspiracy of Skin’

Emma Lee reviews Peter Mitchell's 'Conspiracy of Skin'

Poetry by Frances Roberts-Reilly

Poetry from Frances Roberts-Reilly a direct descendant of Abram Wood and the notable family of Welsh triple harpists, fiddlers and storytellers.

Poetry by Michael Martin

Quirky contemporary poems from USA's Michael Martin

‘Scissors’ by Jane Pearn

Strange how it’s the names of things, the nouns, that leak away. You’d think words that are some of the first we learn – teddy, milk, ball, hat – would be more embedded

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