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Lynda Scott Araya reviews John Bartlett’s ‘Awake at 3am’

Linda Scott Araya reviews John Bartlett's 'Awake at 3am'

‘Room 6’ by Fares A. Al-Hammzani, Translated from the Arabic by Essam M. Al-Jassim

Their bodies are worn out, but their hearts are still stronger than iron. Etched upon their wrinkled faces is the pain of an unjust time.

Two Poems by Monica Manolachi

Monica Manolachi's poems invite the reader to consider the extent to which personal narrative and historical narrative define ourselves.

Emma Lee reviews ‘Making Tracks’ by Katy Wareham-Morris

Emma Lee reviews 'Making Tracks' by Katy Wareham-Morris

Ysella Sims in conversation with Kerry Priest

Ysella Sims talks with poet, sound artist and playwright, Kerry Priest about her work and her sources of inspiration.

Two Poems by Petra White

In these two intensely psychological and dreamlike works, Australian poet Petra White delves deep into the nature of love and memory, and the elusiveness of both.

Phillip Hall reviews Moya Pacey’s ‘Doggerland’

Phillip Hall reviews Moya Pacey's 'Doggerland'

Emma Lee reviews Alison Lock’s ‘Lure’

Emma Lee reviews Alison Lock's 'Lure'

Ada Wofford reviews ‘Deep Time: Volume 2’ anthology from Black Bough Poetry

Ada Wofford reviews 'Deep Time: Volume 2' anthology from Black Bough Poetry

One Poem by Emilie Collyer

Don’t be deceived by the gentle opening to this work by Australian poet and playwright Emilie Collyer, which toys with darker implications in an old photograph.

Emma Lee reviews ‘Messages from the Embers’ edited by Julia Kaylock and Denise O’Hagan published by Black Quill Press

Emma Lee reviews 'Messages from the Embers' edited by Julia Kaylock and Denise O'Hagan published by Black Quill Press

A poem by William Thompson

A moment captured, by Bristolian poet William Thompson

John Bartlett reviews Fiona Perry’s ‘Alchemy’

John Bartlett reviews Fiona Perry's Alchemy

Three poems by Peter O’Neill

Translation is looked upon as both practice and sweet inspiration in Peter O'Neill's poems.

Sean Cotter in conversation with Clara Burghelea

Sean Cotter addresses the intoxicating focused attention of translation and the intimacy the translator experiences with both text and practice.

Emma Lee reviews Nick On’s ‘Zhou’

Emma Lee reviews Nick On's 'Zhou'

Three Poems by Glenis Redmond

I confront the weighted history of the red clay South. I dig deep. I strive to say the unsayable, while listening to the music of the multitudes that walk with me: my known and my unknown ancestors that seek to be heard.


New Zealand-based poet Ivy Alvarez draws us in with her edgy, sensual prose poetry weaved from an engagement with Filipino idiomatic expressions.

Poetry by Sue Vickerman

Vickerman, whose stories, articles and poems have appeared in The Guardian, and the Times Educational Supplement, has published five collections of poetry.

Emma Lee Reviews Dominique Hecq’s ‘Kaosmos’

Emma Lee reviews Dominique Hecq's 'Kaosmos'

‘Clichés’ by Laura Grace Weldon

It's lazy writing, I tell him. As an editor I excise clichés with a fierce pen. (Although we editors no longer edit with pens.)

Two poems by Ivy Alvarez

New Zealand-based poet Ivy Alvarez draws us in with her edgy, sensual prose poetry weaved from an engagement with Filipino idiomatic expressions.

Emma Lee reviews Mike McNamara’s ‘Loose Canon’

Emma Lee reviews Mike McNamara's 'Loose Canon'

Three Poems by Mark Tredinnick

Australian poet Mark Tredinnick’s poetry is a nothing less than a hymn of gratitude to the natural world and a rare rhythmical treat!

An Interview with Rosie Goldsmith

Rosie Goldsmith shares her passion for languages and work in translation and speaks of how being multilingual changes one's perception of the world and shapes identity.

A Poem by Stacey Curran

Stacey Curran's poem delicately explores the twin ache of memory and loss.

Emma Lee reviews Kevin Higgins’ ‘The Colour Yellow and the Number 19’

Emma Lee reviews Kevin Higgins' 'The Colour Yellow and the Number 19'

Emma Lee reviews Robyn Rowland’s ‘Mosaics from the Map’ and ‘Under a Saffron Sun’

Emma Lee reviews Robyn Rowland's 'Mosaics from the Map' and 'Under a Saffron Sky'


Irish-Australian poet Robyn Rowland treats us to an extended taste of her world, from her early work and travels through to her experience of poetry in translation and the vital role of female poets.

One poem by Caoimhe McKeogh

The quiet power of this work by New Zealand poet Caoimhe McKeogh is a lesson in prose poetry – beautifully controlled language evoking the poignant image of a tune lost and found.

‘We Have a Problem’ by Richard Rebel

Now he carries the backpack, spacesuit and helmet to the garage, stowing them in the capsule. From somewhere in the house he hears a muffled bang that might be a door slamming, or something else.

A Poem by Vona Groarke

Vona Groarke's awards include the Brendan Behan Memorial Prize, the Hennessy Award, the Michael Hartnett Award, and the Strokestown International Poetry Award.

Emma Lee reviews ‘My Name is Layla’ by Reyna Marder Gentin

Emma Lee reviews Reyna Marder Gentin's 'My Name is Layla'

Three poems by Dina Frînculescu

Dina Frînculescu's poems are an invitation to the intricacies of private life and language.

Two poems by Gail Ingram

New Zealand poet Gail Ingram teases and delights us with her vivid imagery and playfulness with words as she peels back layers of our culture, challenging us with her implications.

James Fountain in conversation with Clare Morris about his new book ‘The Poetry of Joseph Macleod’

‘Macleod is a modern master and utterly vital. I was absolutely thrilled to be the one entrusted with orchestrating his reintroduction to the world and rescuing his work from obscurity, after initial groundwork by Andrew Duncan’

Two Poems by David Butler

Butler's awards for poetry include the Féile Filíochta, Brendan Kennelly, Ted McNulty, Maria Edgeworth, Baileborough, Poetry Ireland/Trocaire and Phizfest prizes.

Charline Poirier reviews Wendy Dunn’s ‘All Manner of Things’

Charline Poirier reviews Wendy Dunn's 'All Manner of Things'

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