International Poetry

2 poems by Roy Liran

2 Poems from Roy Liran
Miriam Calleja

Miriam Calleja International Poetry

Miriam believes that poetry and prose are tools for storytelling that encourage unity. She has great faith in collaboration as a key to communication.
Efe Ogufere

2 poems by Efe Ogufere

Listed as one of the top ten contemporary poets you should be reading.
Selecting Poetry Books

How to Select Poetry Books 1

I’m hopeless at selecting poetry books to buy, but it's hard to go wrong if you...

A Writer’s Coronavirus Diary Part 3

Brendan Landers reflects on the language of lockdown in the third instalment of his Coronavirus diary
Emily Bilman

The New Order

Dr. Emily Bilman teaches poetry in Geneva as London’s Poetry Society’s Stanza representative.

All roads lead from Rome

All roads lead from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport. An unending spine of concrete runs down the centre of the autostrada; an essential accessory...
Poet Kevin Heslop

Kevin Heslop reads ‘The Body Artist’

Kevin Heslop is a poet and actor from London, Ontario. He is the author of con/tig/u/us (Blasted Tree, 2018)
Deborah Cook

Deborah Cook -Roadkill read by Sadie Davidson

Deborah Cook spent a thirty-year career as a scriptwriter for radio and television, writing for The Archers, Eastenders, Emmerdale, Casualty, House of Elliott...
Stephen House Poem Pod Cast

Stephen House reads his own, ‘driftwood mountain’

Stephen House reads 'driftwood mountain' from his chapbook chapbook, real and unreal, by ICOE Press.

Black Ice by Derville Quigley

"Having been brought up on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic I was made aware that there were others who were different – I just didn’t know why.”