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We have been lucky enough to publish the work of some wonderful emerging and established writers. Here are some that we truly loved.

Roisin Maguire

Cacophony – Featured Author Roisin Maguire

Everyone knows exactly where they were when the little girl died. It was a momentary intake of breath, the news.

Home Economics

Beth stared at them from the doorway. Jessie had spotted them from inside and sent Beth out to see. Outside, the two rabbits were...

The Cabinet of Immortal Wonders – Diana Powell

Jean-Baptiste Bécoeur is dancing with the flamingo again. A waltz – the dance has slunk across the border into Metz, even as far as...

Parallel Lines

We were stuck. Stuck in our marriage, stuck in our lives, stuck in this fucking car. ‘How could you be so stupid?’ he said. Five minutes...

Blight- New Fiction

My hands are wet. I washed them before I left the house but didn't dry them, the towel in the bathroom already used to...
Audrey Molloy

Peacock Blue

  The third time the beach ball hit the roof, Kurt sprang from his deckchair and yelled at the culprits, shaking his fist like Popeye...

Half a Boy – New Fiction

Anne Walsh Donnelly lives in Castleber, Co. Mayo. Her work has been published in The Irish Times, Crannog and Boyne Berries. One of her...

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