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Street Photography

I wanted viewers to look into my images and not at them.

The Gift of Memorising Poetry

Memorising poetry is becoming a lost art, but one that is underrated.

The Testaments v Woman, Girl, Other

Some critics have suggested that the decision to award the Booker Prize to two authors detracts from the historic nature of Bernardine Evaristo’s win.

Mapping Poetry

Poets are those individuals who see the world in a slightly different way.


How to write an article for a magazine.

I’ve written for several magazines and websites, some of which paid and some that didn’t. But each article was an added credit...

Write every day, and be nice

It’s taken me years to learn to be nice to people. When I mastered that I started to get published.

Photo-poems: visual art and poetry combinations for a high-tech age by Sarah Leavesley

Although my working and creative life has mostly been as a writer, I’ve always loved photography. As a poet, the initial appeal for me in...

Active Voice

“I read your story”, my friend Richard told me last week, before pausing to add, gently, “Is everything OK?” I’d sent him...

What use are writers groups anyway?

Being part of a strong creative writers' group is a great incentive to get your work on paper, writing to group prompts takes discipline

4 poems — collaboration: Jayant Kashyap and Lisa Stice

Jayant Kashyap lives in live in Purnea, India, and he is the co-founding editor of Bold + Italic, with poems published around...

How I define Poetry- Rajnish Mishra

What is Poetry? Well, in my past, in discussions, I’ve never answered this question with certainty or finality. Now is the time...

A Life In Poetry

I’ve had this thing called a creative urge as long as I can recall. I was too poor for piano lessons and my art work was never hung up at school.

Why Are Literary Magazines and Journals Important?

 "The single biggest reason I got my stories taken in various literary magazines - and I want to stress this - is...

A Letter From The Blue Nib

Dear Blue Nib Contributors and Readers.

Stop making your editor’s life miserable!

Ignoring the basics of formatting is a sign that you are not serious about yourself or your work.

Out Of Control – Out Of Definition – The Writers Of A New Era

Modernism was born out of the urge to experience something different

Self Editing Poetry

Killing your darlings

Prompts that get you writing

Some inspiration for your writing weekend.

20+ of the most memorable lines of poetry

We have selected 20 of the most memorable lines of poetry, lines we hope, that once read will stay with you and inspire you. Where possible we have added links so you can read or listen to the entire poem.

Remember Them

Remembering the poets of the Second World War.

The Many Sides Of Writing

Do something productive, even if it doesn’t “feel” like writing on the surface

How Do I Get My Book Reviewed?

In a market place saturated with new books, reviews matter! 

American Journals That Accept Poetry, Prose & Short Fiction.

Wanted! Poetry that demonstrates originality, intelligence, courage.

Street Photography

I wanted viewers to look into my images and not at them.