The Write Life
Writers on Writing

Clare Morris hosts The Write Life, nonfiction essays on the writing life.

A Writer’s Coronavirus Diary Part 6

In the next instalment of his Coronavirus diary, Brendan Landers reflects on the face-cover as a fashion accessory.

My Writing Life

Rosemary McLeish explores her dissatisfaction with a writer's life.

We Forgot Him (On Purpose?)

Melissa St Pierre explores how childhood memories can contain unpleasant truths.

Dogs In Foreign Lands

Danielle Legault Kurihara explains how dogs broke down cultural and linguistic barriers for her.

Making It Plain

Mike Smith reflects on our urge as writers to 'make something of' the reality that surrounds us.

Body Hair And The Big Picture

Writer and Editor, Alice Olivia Scarlett discusses attitudes to body hair.

Q & A

Sally Gander explores the questions and answers of pain and recovery.

Small Offerings

Poet and writer, Ysella Sims explores the small offerings that enrich her day as she adjusts to the 'new normal.'

Leave it with me, I’m working on it

Sandra Arnold recalls her year working at a language school in Muscat, the capital of Oman.

Rich In Shit

New writer, Delia Pring describes the fresh and precious perspectives animals can offer.

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