Building a Shed – John Kaprielian

Building a shed

When building a shed the 
most important thing to 
remember is to shed all 
your expectations about
how it will look
what you will use it for
how long it will take
who will help you

No one will help you
it will take forever
it won’t do what you’d hoped
and it will probably 
turn out ok

You will hurt yourself
ruin your clothes
get sore and angry 
utter expletives
because things fail to
line up as expected 
but in the end you will
have raised up a strong
sturdy useful shed

or perhaps a son.


John Kaprielian has been writing poetry for over to 30 years. A nature photographer and photo editor by occupation, he brings his eye for natural history to many of his poems, which are often inspired by his observations. He studied creative writing at Cornell with the poet A.R. Ammons while getting his degree in Russian Linguistics. He has been published in The Five-Two Poetry Blog, Foliate Oak, The Blue Nib, The Blue Mountain Review, Thema, and Minute Magazine. He lives in Putnam County, NY with his wife, teenage son, and assorted pets.

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