Brimstone equals sulphur,
the hue of rocks in 
hills around Vernet,
also the colour of butterflies
rejuvenated by hibernation.
Brimstone Yellows spiral in sunlight
reincarnated in vernal glades,
never alighting to be photographed.
These fractals of sunlight
mirrored our hike
to Pic de la Pena,
their yellow wings as dusty
as the leaves they mimic,
sulfurous streaks
taking a little of hell
to seed hope in heaven.

Clint Wastling

Clint Wastling’s poetry has been published in Dream Catcher, Strix, Marble and online with The Algebra of Owls. Clint has a pamphlet called Layers published by Maytree Press. His novel, The Geology of Desire, is an LGBTQ themed thriller set around Whitby in the 1980’s and Hull during World War II and published by Stairwell Books.


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