Bhodi Tims: In Search of Blue

In Search Of Blue

The first sound we made
called the world into existence,
simple black and white 
at the beginning.

Swallows danced over the rain 
drenched cove, tracing 
where dark water flowed into
columns of light.

What had we longed to find
from that sky’s 
bewildering presence?
The redemptive 
power of yellow?
Or higher still, 
the shamanic drift 
of hawk flight?
Some larger hope
emanated from high rock walls – 
perhaps a chance to give 
ourselves over 
to ideas we’d never understand,
names we had yet to hear.

Even as we stood
uncertain of how
to name this 
time curved 
into gravitational 
fields with the precision 
of small atoms, 
found everything 
that lay just beyond our senses,
at threshold frequencies 
approaching the speed of light
and silence held blue
gently against the pulsing
sphere of earth. 

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About the contributor

Bhodi Tims is currently director of the MS Program in Herbal Product Design at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Finishing Line Press published his manuscript, The Acoustic Properties of Ancient People. His most recent publications include poems in Syzygy Poetry Journal and the Broadkill Review. In 2019 he was invited to present a workshop at the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference, Mining the World of Science for Ideas and Language to Expand Your Poetry.

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