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Missing the Daily Pre-Covid Commute by Melissa Todd

Passengers Tain Tram Bus Subway  - Free-Photos / Pixabay
As restrictions tighten and we are advised to work from home, Melissa Todd remembers the creative potential of the morning commute.

The Mediated Art by Adrian Salmon

Church Choir Choir Church  - delphinmedia / Pixabay
Poet and former choral scholar, Adrian Salmon continues the debate about the relationship between poetry and music.

Dominique Hecq Reviews ‘The Gang Of One’ by Robert Harris

Dominique Hecq reviews 'The Gang Of One' by Robert Harris.

Howard Baskerville’s Wall by Farhad H. Gooraan, Translated by Parisa Saranj

Book Poems Persian Poet Hafez  - Katzenfee50 / Pixabay
While there is more than forty years of hostility between the two countries, Iranians take solace in the fact that once an American gave his life for democracy in Iran: Howard Baskerville

Devouring Riches by Rose Mary Boehm

Radio Old Tube Radio Nostalgia  - blende12 / Pixabay
Novelist and poet, Rose Mary Boehm discusses her life and craft with engaging candour.