Author: Mike Essig


Tote that barge. Lift That Bale…

    Boredom: The desire for desires. Life can last too long. Boredom becomes hypnotic,a tedium of torpor,draining and terrifying.And both simultaneously. We live to live but in timeso much becomes merelymaintenance, thoughtless repetitive actions...


Still Life With Tarantulas And Fudgsicles

Like one of those baffling foreign films,everything begins crisp and distinct,but smudges to a blue, befuzzled blur.Mexican tarantulas have nothing to say.Things that used to sting go unnoticed.The mornings all swallow each otherlike fog...



after the flirting and seductionafter the groping and hopingafter the grunting and gasping our souls merged intotwo harmonious melodiesinside a single song we sang that song together untilwe finally forgot the words but the...


Park Bench

    Sat on their park bench like book ends… weathered faces      ancient eyes     weary wrinkles lost looks distant wars      dead friends     slow death mortal fears...



slow steps nowhere fast walking mangray sky quiet cemetery busy streets empty storefrontsbroken sidewalks stretched wires raven eyes withheld judgmentsolitary thoughts birdsobservethe walking man sittingsilentlywatching lonely man lonely steps lonely skynowhere fast


Otis Redding Serenades Emily Dickinson

     The soul should always stand ajar. You age to the clang of closing doors.How to remain alive without fear?Find solace in the smallest gestures.A song, a smile, the occasional yes.Let the folded...


Preheat To 95 Degrees

July commences exactly on schedule.The oven is instantly lighted.Things begin to bubble and boil.The earth turns sticky and hot.The birds stop their singingand begin to gasp in unison.Dogs do not enjoy their days.Even the...


Station Of Silence

History has left him sitting in a station with a heavy suitcase laden with memories and nowhere left to go. Life has moved on. Unstoppable urges have ground to a halt. The lithe beauties...


Rock Paper Scissors

Nothing can prevail against time’s ravages. Not rock, not paper, not scissors, not words.It covers, cuts, covers,and erases all. Time is faster than a worried cat in Oklahoma. Life is a suit cut tooshort...



Tell me how to spell your name in kisses. Whisper it slowly. I will repeat it back to you as often as our lips can bear.


1967 – A Not Quite Paradise Lost

Tune in. Turn on. Drop out. — TL A summer peppered with dreams.Music in the streets at night,revolutions filled the air.In retrospect, only a cliché.Promises made in passioncould never, ever be kept.The promising naiveté of newmust...

narcissus 4

Truth Or Dare

Don’t search for your doublein duplicitous, lying mirrors.Images always lack precision.Seeing is always uncertain.Find the pool of Narcissus.Lean in close and drink deep.Drown in your own beauty.No one else can care as much.Thirst for...

skirt 4

Lifting The Skirt Of Uncertainty

He only wantedto free her from hernailed down skirtand pluck anintimate chord,plant feral kisses,taste the sweetness,hear the moan,learn the languageof sighs and thighsfrom the lipsthat matter most,and make a poemfrom theirmurmurings.

time 4

Kissing Infinity

Time and memory existlike a first kiss,a knowable mysteryfelt forever in theskin of your lips,tingling in a somewherebeyond measurements,figments of imaginationthat always taste real.

paper 11

Paper Perspective

Frantumaglia, a jumble of fragments. Dead men’s words in the guts of the living shake the lost language shaker over all. Words dispense helter-skleter into lines. Debris from the muddy waters of the brain....

Modern-times (1) 1

Just Another Day In Paradise

It takes a hero to get through the day,when the day doesn’t give a shit.When the day is a relentless marchof soulless work and killing obligations.When each day is like the last and next.When...

birth 0

Attending Marvels

Nothing happened before you were born.Then exploded a big bang of light.Suddenly, an entire world to understand.You took to your feet and looked around.Paradox presented itself as plausible.There was much more to know than...

fish 0

Still Life With Fish

The people on the bus go up and down… Those imagined myriad first choices:astronaut, fireman, cowboy, hero.A child’s view of infinite possibility. So many corners to turn, paths to take.The smiling illusions of Free...

monarch 10

Coriolanus On The Porch

  How the rife details of life disturb our nobler intentions. A Monarch butterfly lights upon an open page of Shakespeare. Which representation is more really real: nature or mimesis? Only a fine world...