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Announcing The Summer Chapbook Contest

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With the Summer/Autumn Chapbook contest judged by Poet & Lecturer Michael Blackburn now published, and the Winter Chapbook entries with Judge Kevin Higgins, we are delighted to announce our third Chapbook contest, with guest judge Vivien Jones. (Find out about Vivien Here)

The contest, now in its third incarnation, has seen an increase in entries from the first to the second contest and we look forward to seeing even higher numbers in this, our third contest in the series.

Chapbook 1 was a resounding success and was listed in the top ten UK Chapbook chart within the first week of release, proving the relevance of this contest to emerging poets.

For this the third contest the rules will stay largely the same. The work of the top three entries as chosen by our judge will be included in a Chapbook which will be published in September 2018. Winners will share the prize fund of €300.00; with the winner receiving €150.00 and the second and third receiving €100.00 & €50.00 respectively. Each of the winners will receive a copy of the finished Chapbook.

The competition is open to new, emerging and established poets from any country BUT at least one of the three winners will be a debutante (with no chapbook or book published previously).

Please read the rules carefully before entering the competition.

Your Entry:

Poems must be in English

Submitted collections must contain 8 poems of any length or style on a single MS Word or Mac Pages document, each page to contain no more than 32 lines of poetry and there must be no more than 15 pages of poetry in total. Your entry must include only the poems you wish to submit and nothing else. You must submit an author’s bio and photo as a separate file attached to the same email.

Poems must be single-spaced and submitted by email to [email protected]

If you are unpublished then please use the word ‘Debutante’ in the subject line of your entry.

Poems submitted must not have been published previously as part of a chapbook/pamphlet or full collection, but poems that have been published in magazines or blogs, excluding The Blue Nib, are eligible.

Please do not include any information about where any individual poems have been previously published.

We accept poems from poets of any nationality, from any country. There is no lower age limit but we would point out that very young poets are likely to stand little chance of winning.

No alterations may be made to a collection once it has been submitted.

To enter you must be a subscriber to the magazine, this cost $15.00 for 3 months subscription. There is no additional entry fee. You can add your subscription here

100% of monies raised through subscription goes towards publishing and publicising the work of our contributors.

The winning authors will be those chosen by judge Vivien Jones, including the highest marked debutante, and each will receive a complimentary copy of the chapbook. The first prize winner will receive €150.00. The second prize winner will receive €100 and the 3rd placed winner will receive €50.00.

Up to 10 other shortlisted entrants will be awarded  Highly Commended and will be listed in the issue immediately following the publication date.

How to enter

Send your manuscript by email to [email protected]

Closing date for entries: 31st July 2018.

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