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List Price: $20.00, £14.95, Euros 16.50

6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
118 pages

Blue Nib Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1999955021
ISBN-10: 1999955021
BISAC: Poetry / General

“Welcome to The Blue Nib Anthology 1, Poetry, June – December 2017. Dave Kavanagh and I are delighted to present this book, which we hope will be the first of a series which collects together the best of the magazine.  
The Blue Nib only began in June 2017 and we are both very proud of its progress to date and look forward to producing Chapbooks 2 and 3, and the January – June, July – August anthologies for 2018. The magazine has been a great success, so thank you to all our readers, our poets and writers, and of course our subscribers. Without you, we would not be able to run competitions and award prizes and publish chapbooks and anthologies (and other books that are in the pipeline). 
This feast of a book contains poems from the winners and runners up of our first Chapbook Contest – Summer/Autumn 2017, judged by Michael Blackburn.  
Dave and I have also chosen a selection of poems which comprise selected works from the other contest entries and poems chosen from Issues 1 – 18 of The Blue Nib. 
I chose poems that gripped me, remained in my thoughts, and impressed me with their quirkiness, passion, elegant writing and form. Dave chose work not only because it was technically exceptional, or because of its artistry, but rather because it touched him deeply. For both of us, the problem was limiting the numbers we wanted to choose, because of limitations on space. 
We hope you enjoy the book as much as we have enjoyed compiling it”.


  1. Graham Allen
  2. Liz Balise
  3. Alfred Booth
  4. Jim Bourey
  5.  Gregory Broadbent
  6. Lorraine Carey
  7. Charles Carr
  8. Mary Chydiriotis
  9. Marcy Clark
  10. Derek Coyle
  11. Cathy Donelan
  12. Ken Allan Dronsfield
  13. Kate Ennals
  14. Attracta Fahy
  15. Barry Fentiman Hall
  16. Jackie Gorman
  17. Michael Griffith
  18. Tom Hade
  19. Chris Hardy
  20. Seanín Hughes
  21. D L Hume
  22. Sarah Karowski
  23. Derek Kannemeyer
  24. Bridget Khursheed
  25. Therese Kieran
  26. Beth Kilkenny
  27. Steve Klepetar
  28. Klipschutz
  29.  Simon Lewis
  30. Luiz Canha Machado
  31. Ezra Maloney
  32. Linda McKenna
  33. Christopher Meehan
  34. Anne McMaster
  35. Joan McNerney
  36. Melissa Mulvihill
  37.  Patrick Murphy
  38. Naomi Tate Maghen
  39. Jeremy Nathan Marks
  40. Kirsty A. Niven
  41. Geraldine O’Kane
  42. Maeve O’Sullivan
  43. Akshaya Pawaskar
  44. Polly Richardson (Munnelly)
  45. Miriam Sagan
  46. Dr Sanjib Kumar Baishya
  47. Bekah Steimel
  48. dana st. mary
  49. Susan Wallace
  50. Anne Walsh Donnelly
  51. Maude Washington
  52. Glen Wilson
  53. Vincent Zepp



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