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 I am the Snake


– I be just a snake

Slithering in the woods

Looking for a place

To lie down in the sun

And rest my weary bones

And soak up some cosmic rays

And chill out a bit


Nothing but a snake

But boy am I a snake

I am the snake

That your mother warned you about


Yeah, baby, I am that snake

And I am ready to get into some trouble

Looking for some Eve to tease

Looking for some babe to temp

With my snake oil smarmy bs

Lounge lizard lines


So, I be sitting there

Minding my own business

When I spy here

The new kid on the block

That Eve babe

And boy is she a babe


And my snake thing gets snaky

And I decide I have to have

Some of that Eve action


So I slither and slather

Put on my cool bad ass

Ray Bans

So cool it hurts


And bust a move

Make my entrance

To the Eve Babe


I say hey babe

She says hi


I say, is that the tree of life

She said yes it is forbidden


I say yeah


Who told you that shit

The old man in the house


Man what does he know?

He just the care taker


I am the real deal

And I know this shit,

Yes I do


So babe, it is like this

Eat this fruit


And you will have the key

To eternity


All you got to do

Is eat the damn fruit

It is calling you


Babe, I got what you want

And I got what you need


All you got to do

Is eat this damn fruit


So babe, hurry up

I got places to go


People to see

Things to do


I be a busy snake

You know


It Ain’t easy being me

I am the King Snake


And I am so baaad

It hurts


My eye balls to look

At my shiny face


So babe

Make a decision


She says

I don’t know man

It you know


I say, yeah babe

I know


But you know I love you

Old snaky loves you


And only wants what’s best

And hey you know


That Adam guy

What a looser


I mean I am so much more a man

Than that sorry assed wimp of a man


You know what I mean

My jelly bean

She smiles

And I knew I had her

And I thought of my reward


From that Satan dude


Man, he is a mean mother

With cajoles the size of the devil


Shit don’t want to be on his bad side


So I had to close the deal

I had to get the lady to bite


And then I would get my reward

Might even get a piece

Of that Eve action


Hey babe

I got what you need

I got what you want


All you got to do

Is eat this fruit

And then we will see


Whether you can handle

The snake King


She smiles

Oh so sweetly

The last smile of innocent youth


And I had her

She takes the fruit

And eats it


Cosmic alarm bells go off

God knows and Satan too


God stops me

Bans me from the premises

Sends me back to hell


And I slither and slather away

Dreaming of my revenge

When I will slip up on Eve’s ass

And bite her in the butt


So I slither and slather

And hiss and move on down the road


I knew that I would get my award

And my revenge



Originally  from Belfast, Antoinette now lives in Cavan. Her poems have appeared in Revival, The LondonReader, Windows Authors & Artists Introduction Series No. 9, The Moth, North West Words, Poetry in Motion, Boyne Berries, Skylight 47 and A New Ulster. Antoinette has been commended in The Westport Arts Festival Poetry Competition 2017  for When things go Wrong in praise of Vermeer and long listed in Happenstance Poetry Comp 2017 in the U.K.



A Father’s Legacy

Chalked up memories
of a drinker
who liked to stir
no relics or riches
empty cupboards.

A Belfast sink
foolish promises
brown envelopes
red raw letters
words leak
walls have ears.

Pushed out at night
scalding shame
scattered childhood.



When Things Go Wrong

In praise of Vermeer


The coin is tossed.
Hades has already tugged my locks,
brushed my cheeks,
caught my skirt.
Heads – and the day will be fine.
Tails and even the rain is miserable.
Very seldom
can I rescue a day already turned.
My pearl earring rolls,
the coin falls.




Biography:- Cliff Wedgbury is a Cork based poet, born in London in 1946. His last collection, “A Lingering Adolescence,” was published by Belfast/Lapwing in 2008.





tea with dad

lost in the heat haze

of a back-yard Sunday

he would sit and gaze

across the steaming pond of a china mug

talking in that cheerful way

where truth surfaced easily

as mum hoisted wet white shirts

like familiar sails on a still horizon


by oxford circus

you stand before me

in stunned surprise

as recognition

lights your eyes

we parted with remorse

when dark clouds gathered

and winter filled our hearts

but now

as we balance on the curb-stones edge

the traffic a thundering river

we acknowledge that kindly affection

as time suddenly slips away

leaving two flustered actors

rehearsing a restoration play





Nyein Way is a renowned 21st century contemporary post-conceptual poet from Myanmar. He is also a language conceptualist, educator and performer whose work has been named as avant-garde. He’s interested in experimental and contemporary Western and European poetry, as well as an Asian and African poetry; contemporary philosophy; and Buddhism. Nyein Way has published eigt books of poetry, including: Words and Tree (2004); Gaganana (2010); Anamataga (2011); and PattalarXylophone (2013). Other books include the educational publication Classroomology (1999); as well as Conceptual Poetics and aContemporary Poet (2008), and Nakanpadi – A Book of 21st Century New Poetics (2013),Total poetry(2015),A Handbook For Paranothingness (2015)A Biligual Postconceptual Dictionary(2015),Biopsy Of Silence(2016) and 99-Rivers(2017).He has published three books of 21st century new poetics,too. He has made two video artworks,”Isolated Sport” publicly shown at Gitameit Music Institute in 2005  and “Circuits”(2010),publicly shown at Wathen Film Festival,Yangin,Myanmar.  He is also a contributor to the Encyclopaedia of Asian Theatre, which won the best reference book award by American Library Association in 2007. He contributed his work to the anthology of Asia-Pacific writing The Near and the Far published by Scribe (2017). His work ‘The Uncreative Manifesto’ was published by No Press in Calgary, Canada. His post-conceptual writings have been published in online journal Crux International Journal of Conceptual Writing,Pressuregague,Be Untexed and Flash Cove and The Blue Nib,He contributed his poetry to TRIPWIRE,a journal of new poetics,California,USA and RABBIT,A Journal Of New Writing,Melbourne,Australia. Nyein Way was a resident artist of Mekong Art Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2004. He has collaborated on multimedia art and poetry-based performance projects with international artists and poets, and has given poetry workshops and readings in Cambodia, Thailand, USA, and Myanmar. In January 2015, he was awarded as the writer-in-residence in Vietnam, and later in Australia for the WrICE program by RMIT. He has been a guest at the Melbourne Writers Festival and the Queensland Poetry Festival, Australia.He is currently the chief cultural advisor of the literary faculty at the New Yangon Theatre Institute. His most recent publication is 99 Rivers: The 21st Century New World Poetics (2017).




High Plains And High Mountains

One after one
Line after line
life after life
Night after night
Moon after moon
Sun after sun
Word after word
Light after light
window after window
Door after door
noon after noon
Looms after looms
Throne after throne
I after I
No after no
Yes after yes
Snow after snow
river after river
digit after digit
AI after AI
robotics after robotoics
There is no poety after poetry in moments.




Aisling Ní Chionnaoith is a disabled Irish poet from Athlone. She attended UCD and studied History and Celtic Civilization, as well as working for a time in the National Folklore Archives. Her work is informed by these experiences and deals with themes of folk history, place, loss and belonging. Currently based in Limerick, she has a one-eared cat called Greebo and a lot of plants, and is currently working on a novel set in an early Irish convent.



St. Anthony’s Sister

And so he went into the desert, leaving her
with sworn and faithful virgins, to raise her.

Having sold their land, their house, their parents
both dead, he looked only
to his own perfection.

And where more perfect than this desert,
this vast sterile emptiness, purged
already by god and the sun?

The sins of the desert are the sins of the mind.
the kingdom of god is within you-
the kingdom of the devils all around.

And as he blocked his ears against sin,
his loins against lust, his heart
against longing,

as he did battle time and again
with demons, lions, snakes-
as he starved and thirsted, as he prayed-

did he ever think of her?





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