Poetry 3

    Poetry 3

    Tides and the Teenagers

    by Vicky

    She watched the tide,
    its lifetimes of flux
    and the sullen teenagers that
    assembled there at bedtime
    like a surf of weary waves,
    crashing in one-word answers
    sounded on sighs.

    They heeded beliefs
    dark as the river, sooty black
    as the bottom of a junkies spoon.
    Freezing their tits off for the thrill
    till heads down, like the sparse
    spartina grasses;  silhouettes,
    in the cotton-white moonshine.

    When sky broke they woke
    weighted, just as the sun
    that drew up the mist;
    pregnant with the future.



    Speaking and Screaming Burials

    by Sudeep Adhikari

    Sometimes you go below the matrix. Deeply buried,

    you are there with all your original absurds, and the air

    smells more of dread than despair.

    A deadpan monochrome of silence, paints the

    graffiti of your unheard screams. Screams, which keep

    dying on their own vomit of loneliness,

    guilt and ancient fires.

    The scaly arthropods with wings of oak keep chasing

    you, keep throwing stones. You desperately cling

    behind the nothing trees.

    There is no waking up to light, unless we have slept

    dreary nights that stretch like life. But we just don’t know

    how to talk to oneself. Do we?



    Sudeep Adhikari is a structural engineer/Lecturer  from Kathmandu, Nepal.   His poetry has appeared in more than eighty magazines, online/print on different parts of the world. His recent publications were with  Beatnik Cowboys, Zombie Logic Review, The Bees Are Dead, Silver Birch Press and Eunoia Review.
    He digs beat poetry, punk rock, hip-hop, science and good beer.



    digitalis in song

    by Robin Rich


    do you know the quick way to anywhere
    anywhere that promises me that words
    will heal and care and out of tears
    make for me some internal haven worlds

    inject an ink laced you through my eyes
    infection can cure as inoculation
    have far removed this mask a disguise
    mere heartbeat or blink from passion

    hand to screen and cold touch only silhouettes
    the flesh trying to hard to break a wall
    built on a logic model that collects
    to file and organise . leaves a sore

    imposed in sips . imprint in bits on waves
    that system crash in default routines.
    protecting cores from worms that deceive
    organic simplicity of survival needs

    these virtual roads and digital pathways
    digitalis the amour paralysis.


    not so lighthouse 

    by Robin Rich

    a gentle roll of buoyancy hurries a vessel
    away from me
    the tendency of wanting to be fixed
    a terra permanencyfights the rolling water legs pushing
    the leagues
    of seas of beasts out of sight of coasts
    and cliffstowers built ever higher send the horizon
    further round
    until in a song made from waves and shingle
    I am found

    lifted storm maddening swirl where new age
    dinosaurs ….. soar


    clutching foundations of banded beacon towers




    Robin Rich.

    50 plus of the British Isles.In a marriage and from a marriage . Some mid-century holiday romance and DNA knows the rest.




    Silent Tears

    by Alicia Hernandez

    As I lay my head down on my pillow.        Just silence and darkness with a slow rumble of the A/C turning on and off. I try to close my eyes and rest but I can’t.

    As my mind wanders and drifts to our argument from earlier. My eyes stare into the darkness. Trying not to breakdown outloud.

    With your back to me and a huge emptiness in between us of all the space we never let gather; that’s haunting our bed. I feel alone and empty inside. Even though my love, my king, my best friend is lying just a short distance away from me. But right now it’s like I’m nothing to Him. A complete stranger just lying next to me.

    Then my heart gets heavy like a stack of bricks crushing me.                          My eyes begin to water and it begins. Silent tears falling down my face. I can’t control the brokenness inside of me.

    Silent tears, Silent tears.                          Please go away? Each tear keeps burning my face like it’s on fire.       As my nose starts to get runny and my eyes puffy.

    Silent tears, Silent tears the only comfort and pain I have at the moment. But then it quickly turns into quicksand. An emptiness begins to linger and never disappears.

    With every hot tear is a slow burning piercing through my heart. A warm reminder of every stabbing word shattering my heart to pieces.

    Every piece of my heart is as fragile and delicate as glass. Yet words spewed out at me in frustration, misunderstanding, and anger I could never imagine saying to you.

    Anger is like a boiling volcano that releases dangerous lava. Only the lava are the words that were chosen in that flighting moment. With that lava comes permanent scars you can never heal.

    I start to pray inside and ask God to comfort me and take it away. This is the worst feeling. Another sleepless night, my sleep won’t return until the pain subsides and hides till later.

    Silent tears, Silent tears.                        Please go away?                                       Each tear keeps burning down my face like it’s on fire.                                  As my nose gets runny and my eyes puffy.

    Silent tears, Silent tears the only comfort and pain I have at the moment. But then it quickly turns to quicksand. An emptiness begins to linger and never disappears.



    Alicia Hernandez. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA in the southeast neighborhood. I had the privilege to attend The Preuss School UCSD a college prepatory charter school. This is where I began writing poems, christian songs, and quotes. English was all ways my favorite class in high school. I write to express my emotions and life experiences. Writing has all ways been my outlet for my thoughts and heart my love affair with words and paper takes me to another world of imagination and freedom.





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