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Northern Ireland Poet, Seanín Hughes

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Seanín Hughes is an emerging poet and writer from Cookstown, Northern Ireland, where she lives with her partner and four children.She has been published by a number of literary journals, including Poethead and Dodging the Rain, and is currently completing her debut poetry chapbook. Further work can be found on her website.









Pretty Vacant


Wretched eclipse has ended

and you are a fragment, as before

with no place here


See this space —

cooled by absent air, empty

of never-there,

vacant, wide open and gorgeous.


I’ll starfish in this glass

ripe for filling.



Not Rubik’s Cube


Not                   broken clock


doll missing              vital parts


sinking            paper sailboat


in bathwater                   not         slow puncture          nor         oil spill




but    tick-thud-tick       and   dolls


with teeth     thirsty     river mouth


and        music I am               slashed hearse tyre       and   wound sluice.



An Exorcism


Glass and her             in it


swan white              with knife.


Glass and her              swan


white                        with knife


and        neck.


Glass                          and her


in it        knife                       neck


knuckles       white           swan


skin                         stained


still               cold                lung.





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