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Bzzz revisited and expanded – J. Crayton

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Josh is an American writer. He is a graduate of Western Washington University and a graduate student of Argosy University where he studies counseling. He uses alternative methods of healing with his clients and purports a great massage can do in one hour what two hours of great counseling can do. He lives with his two best friends, in Atlanta Ga.





Melinda moves and breathes for her husband Frank,

And favors cappuccinos in the morning and midday naps on Friday afternoons,

While sleeping Melinda is whisked away by a willowing woman with faint limbs

She transports Melinda over islands of mountanious terrain, sparkling green hills, crystal clear water and oceans of apples and apricots,

She whispers in Melindas ear; “I’d like to be a bee.”

Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz

Melinda flickering in and out of consciousness hears a swarm of bees.

Bzz Bzzz Bzzz


Bzzz II Reformation

Bzz, the doorbell rings
Flickering in and out of consciousness, Melinda hears a swarm of bees
She whispers in Melinda’s ear, “I’d like to be a bee”

Franklin, frankfurters, I had the oddest dream!
You can catch more flies with vinegar than honey,
Bzz, the doorbell rings

Thoughts are swaying clouds, pots of vinegar, fleeting fits of perception
Bee’s perish, self preservation
She whispers in Melinda’s ear, “I’d like to be a bee”

I sat at a desk for eight hours, at 8
Synthesizing sound, honey you can catch more flies with tea
Bzz, the doorbell rings

Synthesizing symbols, sewing scenes, linear reality
Flying past clouds, bathing in rose petals
She whispers in Melinda’s ear, “I’d like to be a bee”

Synthesizing words worlds of non-sensical make believe
Bathing in particles of firelight, supersonic zinging through air
Bzz the door rings
She whispers in Melinda’s ear, “I’d like to be a bee”



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